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Misc Caterham original steering wheel 1.0

f1 2014,caterham,wheel

  1. John95 submitted a new resource:

    Caterham original steering wheel - f1 2014,caterham,wheel

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  2. Can you make a Mercedes one?
  3. Hmm that kinda hard
  4. Thank you so much for your effort to make F1 2014 more immersive and fun! I have several issues with your mod. Both Lotus and Caterham steering wheels seems to be suffering from the same problem with the shift indicator. The green LED lights are not showing up on the shift indicator in Caterham's steering wheel and the remaining green LED lights appears vacant as both blue and red LED lights are illuminating in Lotus' steering wheel.
  5. Green lights are not working anyway in the track.They only appear at the start so its normal.Now for blue and red i will try fix it
  6. good job can wait for the rest :thumbsup:
  7. Any update coming up? I really want this one (with correct LED)! :)