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Catalunya help from pros

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. I didnt want to mess the setup area up with this as it its in a format that doesnt suit this.

    Dry with brams setup in VR - 1 29
    Wet with daves setup in VR - 1 31

    How does one take the final chicane racing line without spinning on the kurbs? if i run wide to avoid them I lose countless seconds which is vital in qual.

    The ai flys over them but I cant I have tried, and also adjusted ride height to get past it but no joy.
  2. Hi! For corners like these that ruins your game i found the mod Sticky Kerbs just fantastic!
  3. 100% grip kerb mod?

    Not very realistic.....
  4. well, if you gotta hit them square on, TT and practice but it can be done. as for the sticky curbs, not a fan really besides it messes up your online play.

    I have a crack again in TT and tell you how i did,
  5. Engineer is saying my S2 is slow and S3 is good...ok nvm forget my Op lol.

    God knows how im 4 seconds slow in S2.....

    but 1 31 in full wet is pretty fast compared to the avg 1 23 vettel does in dry, but i cant even get near a 1 26 :(
  6. Well jason, just practice it.. You will get the feeling eventually.. I had the same problem, and did a milion time Return to garage > Go to track > Sector 2
    and do it again.. i just overshift a gear on it, and you keep the line.. This is with virgin.. With mclaren on the other hand, i give full throtle and never got spun out.
  7. ok had a quick blast and did a 1.23.604, i know i can go around the 1.20 mark, but i havent played that track for a while. i messed up the corner you mentioned ( see full lap video ) and the short vid on the corner.

    full lap to follow
  8. Run the first chicane curb as square as possible and don't cut to the inside part of the curb too much. I did P1, P2, P3, Q1, Q2 and Q3 last night and early on my practice sessions in P1 I found I was spinning on that first chicane because I would try to cut it too tight. Only running the outside of the first chicane curb was what stopped me from spinning.

    LOL of course Chris in his video is able to run the inside, but this is a TT right?
  9. Also it is worth remembering the grip values alter over the period of the weekend and increase, however in TT you have full grip the track can have.
  10. things you can do to increase rear traction:
    lower rear suspension
    put ballast more to the rear
    increase rear anti-rollbar
    decrease rear camber
  11. I managed 1 27 but there is possibly 3 turns I cannot get right.

    the two tight left handers and the fast chicane, the chicane being the one I lose the most but i lose time on all 3, I cannot hit 4th gear on that chicane without hitting the gravel.

    I got so frustrated at cata that I deliberately crashed my car in the race and retired, sane with monaco, I had been dominating my team mate up until catalunya so it was no big loss.
  12. I heard all these horror stories about how Catalunya was a nightmare in this game (yes the AI is definitely faster here than any other track I have driven to date), but I actually enjoy this track. This track likes to make you understeer so you do need to adjust your driving and/or car setup to counteract it. I am not sure what corners you speak off as the tight left handers. Are you talking about turn #5 and #10? If I really try to push myself I do spin on turn #5, but it's not that bad of a turn. Plus turn #10 has it's challenges, but that too is not bad if you brake early enough. According to the game I am fast against the AI in sector one, I lose time in sector two and am neutral in sector three. I think I lose time to the virtual AI in turns #5 and the fast #7 and #8 chicane, but I carry good speed through turn #9. But this game is kooky. When I am following the AI (or they follow me) I am not losing any time or track space in any sector. The only place where the AI passes me in practice and qualifying (the Red Bulls, McLarens, Ferraris, Mercedes, Renaults and Force Indias) is at the end of the main straight and I don't know if it's because they are faster cars than the Toro Rosso I drive or if I have more drag due to the 5 front wing and 3 rear wing settings I use. In a few hours I will actually race there (100% length race) so we shall see how that goes. But I know in races I dial it back driving at 90-95% (I suspect I will be lapping in the low 1:27s) versus the 110% balls to the walls take risks style of driving I use in qualifying (my best so far in practice/qualifying was in the high 1:25s with numerous low 1:26s all of course on option tires).

    I can only imagine the g-force the real world drivers go through on this track as there are numerous high speed corners.

    Edited to add: no glory for me in the race. I was running in 6th place prior to my pit stop, but there was a train of cars behind me. As soon as I pitted the AI cars began lapping faster than me and all I could muster was 17th place over all by the end of the race. I like the track, but it is a tough weekend against the AI in this game. Glad it's over ... except Monaco is next. Yikes ...
  13. Jason

    are you playing on pc and what controler/wheel/keyboard are you using, dont quit mate any race you will begin to hate parts of the game. besides when you join me and dave and fahad online we will pick Cata/Monaco on purpose :p

    Na seriously, dont quit just practice And yes i found out that TT isnt 100% accurate but its a great place to fine tune your laps and get used to the track, besides you get used to what grip you have pretty quick in a race so it wont make much of a difference.

    join me for a TT blast tonight

    good luck
  14. if you wanna learn a track layout.. TT is a good way to do it.. at its gives you 100% grip level.. lolz..
    but you then know what are the limits you can reach.. and then try to replicate the same in normal races..
  15. Im running a non legit copy offline at the moment, I have been meaning to go into town and buy a copy but with the weather as its been I been putting it off, even amazon are delaying the deliveryies due to the weather so I cant do a next day delivery order.

    I use a logitech dual action using my right stick for acc/brake, but I have ordered a 360 gamepad online so I should get that sometime before the 29th.

    I restarted my career anyways currently redoing bahrain in lotus.
  16. id remove the reference to your game type, some moderators might not like that term. put your boots on m8 and get to the shop. you can join us on sunday races then. That will sort you lap times out right away, nothing like the pressure of a good race. Only issue is we will have to do something about Fah, hes bloody quick.
  17. F1 2010 is the first sim ive really got into, never bothered with any others.

    Learning all these racing lines will take sometime, ill go in town tomorrow.
  18. That is probably a good idea Jason, why did you not order the game the same time as the pad so it would arrive the same time as the pad ? Or do pad's get a special delivery status ?
  19. Because I am going to trade in pro evo 2011 and hot pursuit, which I bought brand new.
  20. Ah ha trade in lol I love trade in it is a shame they look at you and go "ohhh, you get 2p for that and 5p for that" :eek: lol they are brand new "yeah but its trade in mate, sniff" :D, go now you have plenty time lol