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Casual New Race Series (Title Pending)

Discussion in 'RACE Pro' started by oldmodelt, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. This is a casual series. No points unless there is tremendous participation (which I'm guessing is no) because it's a very old but fun game.

    Go to >> Main Menu >> Single Race >> BRNO Circuit >> GT Pro >> Lister Strom >> Semi-Pro >> Hit X button for Advanced >> Now setup as follows. A nice fast track in the rain. I have run a 3 lapper but have no idea what the game will throw at me with pit stops, tyre wear etc.

    ABS, TCS, STM, Race Line & Transmission are your choice. But please try with no race line. It’s more fun.

    Qualification – No

    Race Length – 20

    AI opponents – 15

    AI opponents’ skill - Normal

    AI opponents’ car model - Random

    Start Position – 16

    Weather - Rain

    Damage Sensitivity – Realistic

    Brake and tire wear – On

    Flag Rules – Enabled

    Shoot me a message with the following stats:
    1. Record your finish position
    2. Best Lap
    3. Winner's race time
    4. Your time behind if you aren't #1.
    oldmodelt - 6th
    BL -
    Race time -
    Time behind -

    That's it. My race philosophy in post #2.
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  2. A couple of quick ground rules I use while doing my races. These are in addition to the standard race rules we know so well. Two wheels on the track, no shortcuts (even when the game allows it) and so on. The objective is to have fun and try to replicate the RL racing experience. This is a chill out time to just enjoy racing and not always try to win at all costs. I use the following games. FM3, FM4, FM6, PGR4, Race Pro, Project Cars, F1 2013, GRID Autosport and a few others. Pick what works for you.

    1. Even when not using sim damage in the race I must drive like it is on. The AI may drive like drunken fools and I must take this into account. Remember they are not human opponents who are trying to take advantage of my every weakness. It’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the programmers. Lol.

    2. The objective is not to win the race all the time but to simulate and enjoy what these cars and tracks would/could be like in RL. I know that I could/would never finish on a podium so why would I try to do it in gaming. I enjoy the challenge of operating in traffic. If I wanted clear racing I have hot laps/TT’s for that. Sometimes the cars are tuned. Many times they are stock so I am not overpowering them.

    3. My objective is to finish the race. If I win by my parameters that is okay. But it’s not the goal. If I finish 10th by driving a clean error free race surrounded by the AI I’m good with that. I usually run a test race of 3-5 laps with the car/track and see how I do. It’s usually one that is on a race schedule from any of the series I follow. NASCAR, Indycar, F1, IMSA, WTCC, DTM, WEC, BTCC etc. I can usually find a good combo to keep my interest. Then I’ll do a 10-30 lapper and just chill out.

    4. If the AI slams into me from the rear/side I may control my car and not take the penalty. But if I slam into them (front, side) or hit an obstacle like a guardrail I must give up one place to the AI. This encourages RL consequences. It would probably happen in RL. It teaches me to back off. Damage to my car would slow me down, right? This trains me to not try to fit my car into a space the size of a breadbox.

    5. If I run off the track, just like RL racing I must wait for traffic to clear! None of that video game crap we see in the online lobbies.

    6. I must drive as if the race organizers/sponsors are watching and would penalize me with added time, drive through pits, suspensions, firing my butt, etc.

    7. Assists as you wish but the focus is realism.

    8. Most of the time I’ll finish in the middle of the pack. Sometimes I’ll really screw up and finish last. And this is important. If I screw up or the AI screws me over I just keep going. There’s always another race. And once in a blue moon if I’ve set up the race properly I come through like a champion and win the damn race/series.
  3. Sounds like a plan. I'm always down for increased lap racing Zen.
    However, to keep it real (istic) as well as on the same playing field, I believe all assists should be off, including ABS. Automatic box? Ehhh. Maybe that can slide but places added peril to the self-shifters not had by the auto boxers. So MAYBE that too. All else sounds dandy. Will start with what you've already done.
  4. By the way, for reference, I'm on:
    Project CARS
    FM2, 4 & 6
    Shift 1&2
    F1 2011 & 2013
    PGR 3&4
    Grid Autosport
    Dirt 2
    As well as a plethora of PC racers esp. old school.
  5. I'm okay with people using assists. If they want to use the line etc. It's their game and they paid their hard earned cash for it. It usually slows them down anyway. I know a few people who use most of the assists and auto trans too and they smoke me. A lot of it comes down to reflexes. Which I had many decades ago and now am just a shell of my younger self.

    I thought you didn't have access to your XBOX ONE currently where you are?
  6. Fair enough as far as spending hard earned feddies. Yet, it kind of unlevels the playing field. I can live with AT but the line and full assists are advantages imo.
    As for the Xbone, I just need to find a place in myapartment to put it and my wheels without having my girlfriend displeased at the aesthetics. Once I get the TMX, it's on. Even if local comp and one of us uses the Spider. :)
  7. All I usually use is TCS. And that is car specific. It's just you and me so run the race and then we can do another one. And being old I don't know what TMX and Spider are. Remember, when I was your age being Dope was not good.
  8. Ran the race on August 29th. Against my better judgement, went with the default setup as opposed to the only other saved setup I had which was set at a different track. Therefore there was a little bumper kissing as until I got accustomed to my brakezone. So laps 2 or 3 through 15 were completely clean. Here are the results:
    Place: P3
    Best Lap: 1:41.001
    Race Time: 25:55.051 - S1 35.702, S2 32.600, S3 31.899
    Winner: 25:24.321 in a Seat Toledo GT

    Fun deal. Love extended races. Thanks OldModelT!!
  9. So if I read your post and did my math correctly my race time was 25:39ish and yours was at the 25:55 range. That's what I was hoping for. Not to win but to make it close, fair and FUN for all. A 25 min race comes down to 16 seconds. This is the type of racing we did years ago before there any online racing. (which is over rated in my humble opinion with all our RL schedules and time zone differences.) I used to run against all levels of skill at GTP. Usually the speedsters were 1-3 mins ahead of me but there were a bunch of guys near me that we would have fun competing against each other. As long as everyone played fair. Next one to follow. Do you have the Race Pro DLC with the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course?

    I did notice that you were on playing PCars. Do you have access to the ONE now?
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  10. Yeah, that was fun. I love the extended lap races because you can reach that Zen state where you're fully present with the car and the circuit. There's something about human error (pressure, lapse in concentration) that adds flavor to online racing. However, just like the other day with PCARS, more often than not, there's some idiot that ruins your experience with some erratic lines or plowing into you while they're watching the race line triangles. I never win even when the lobby has decency. I run mid to back. The peleton often is beyond site. But I simply enjoy racing. Even if it's with some gal/guy blue markering with me.
  11. Oh, BTW, yes. I bought ALL Race Pro DC. I'll even buy another copy if I can find one for some retro LANing decades from now. Love RP.
    As for PCARS, I was at my parents' house. But I just bought a little entertainment center perfect for both systems and a drawer for controlers. Looking to get that Thrustmaster TX. But I should probably wait for a sale. Girlfriend and I are working on stashes for 4wheels/pedals in the apartment now.
  12. New race parameters in post #1. Try to do by 10/1/16.
  13. Ran my race over the weekend.

    Maybe it was the track that I know so well or the car but the AI was not up to the task in this race. I was past them and in 1st place much quicker than I had thought. A couple of small off track incidents which didn’t require that I let traffic pass because of the spacing of the traffic or in the case of the 2nd one I was so far ahead of the field it didn’t matter. I pitted after lap 15. The last 5 laps were devoted to just staying out of trouble.

    Race Place – 1st

    Time – 44:34.023

    BL – 2:08.517

    2nd place - +18.953