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Casting Shadows

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, May 7, 2009.

  1. HI, look at the picture, selected, Medium, and Dynamic, look horrible, it seems it misses texture option, I dont know why Piddy changes the old system, low...very high, solid...texture, and static dynamic, he gave me a lot of work.

    Xpack has the right options selected.

    ok, any solution?, do you experimented somethig similar?


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  2. If only we cant edit xml again :-(
  3. hi, i ve realized that:

    from xpacker you select teture and, casting shadows
    and from BTB, casting shadows and level
    before, you can mak and object, that allways casts shadows, with its adjusments, casting, level and quality
    now even having a "preset casting shadows object", allways have to make a second adjustment in BTB object properties,
    so correct me if I m wrong, but this is a waste of time.
    Wtih all of this, my first track release is delaying each time Piddy releases a new version, :(, now, I have to change
    the casting shadows option for all the objects, which is quite difficult because of they are a mixture, and to save
    FPS, some of them are not casting, so I can not use the option select all and change!!, so Im starting to be "fed up"of
    all those changes, that I dont find "the sense", Im not going to talk about the option double sided, which forced me to,
    change all the Xpacks again :(