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CART Extreme for AMS - (Out now! See mods section!)

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Patrick Giranthon, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    CART Extreme for AUTOMOBILISTA is the official conversion of the classic original Racing Line Development´s CART Factor mod for rFactor, previously converted to Stock Car Extreme and now further revised to include all of AMS´s extra features.

    Download CART Extreme here

    CART Extreme for Automobilista will bring:
    • Updated physics running at AMS´ standard-setting 720hz frequency for the most accurate CART experience ever!
    • Uses all of AMS extra features - tire dirt pickup, flatspotting, advanced transmission modelling;
    • Updated car shaders and detailed LCD displays following AMS standards;
    • Moveable driver arms (from TV camera only);
    • Revamped sounds
    Along with all features from the original mod:
    • Full CART 1998 field (28 cars)
    • 4 unique chassis (Reynard, Lola, Swift & Penske)
    • 4 engines (Honda, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota)
    • 2 tire manufacturers (Firestone & Goodyear)
    • 4 chassis specifications for road, short oval and speedway tracks

    American tracks will come along with the mod :

    • Vanport (to come with the release)
    • Laguna Seca (to come soon)

    And probably others along the summer if quality is good enough to do a decent job on them.

    Note : Jacarepagua, included in AMS, was also a track of the 1998 season.
    Road Atlanta is an american track which is already available. It is not a track of the 1998 calendar but it is so great to drive the CART there.:D

    Stay tuned!

    AMS_CART1.jpg AMS_CART3.jpg AMS_CART4.jpg AMS_CART5.jpg AMS_CART6.jpg AMS_CART8.jpg AMS_CART9.jpg AMS_CART10.jpg AMS_CART11.jpg AMS_CART13.jpg
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  2. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Great news! I'm not so much an open wheel fan but it seems so well done like all your releases… that I'm actually looking forward! Too bad that the animated driver is not coming (yet?) to AMS but if this release is a side effect, that's nice! :)
    Looking forward to Laguna Seca and Vamport too, nice tracks! Thank you Patrick!
    And very nice presentation… :thumbsup:
  3. Perhaps the highlight of my 2016 sim racing.

    Love it!

    (Personally I couldn't care less about driver animations, so if their delay brought an earlier CART release, that's great all around as far as I'm concerned.)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
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  4. Did a season with GSC in them. Great cars and looking forward to driving them again.
  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Thanks Patrick, my two favorites from you were CART and Sebring (second highest GSCE track d/l on RD) :D
  6. Fantastic news!
  7. This is just fabulous! CART Extreme was THE mod for GSCE for me, that is, I mostly raced with it and used the released CART tracks. Not that there was something wrong with the rest of the stuff, mods or original content, but that's how it still was for me and other sims got more track time with other type of cars. GSCE was pretty much Patrick's CART for me. Last weekend I threw CART Extreme and couple of GSCE CART tracks in AMS and it was fabulous even without all the AMS features. Now, we finally get the properly converted one so big thanks for that!

    I hope we see nice lineup of CART era tracks properly converted, like Mid Ohio, Cleveland and Long Beach, which were also available for GSCE. There is also 2004 Surfers Paradise port for GSCE, which is definitely one of the most amazing street circuits, not to mention few ovals like season opener Homestead. I wonder how AMS AI handles ovals as I haven't tried any oval races? To be precise I didn't try them on GSCE either for some reason:O_o: Hopefully well and if so, I'd like to see them more also! :thumbsup:
  8. Yes, I have no idea how much work goes into creating the dynamic track for AMS, I'm sure it isn't easy or straight forward - but I would be hugely appreciative of eventually having a CART trackpack with the GSCE CART tracks in it with just working skies and dynamic track as the updates.
  9. I am opening some of these tracks these days. I dont want to lower AMS quality level with old tracks and I can't guarantee you will find all the tracks you mentionned.
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  10. By the way, will these cars have the push-to-pass system similar to CART Extreme? I believe AMS doesn't (yet?) have adjustable boost, something these cars had in real life.
  11. Sorry not realistic, the Lola isn't in last place:p.
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  12. Thanks Patrick.

    I fully appreciate wanting to take AMS to a higher level than many of these tracks which have been dragged from one generation of sim into the next. And I totally agree with you.

    The only thing to consider is that some of these tracks will almost certainly never be made again by anyone, I would guess, and it would be a shame to lose them altogether. I cannot foresee another version of your excellent Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport ever being made for example. So I will continue to use your GSCE version in AMS (as I am already doing :D).

    You really made my day with this CART AMS news, by the way. :geek:
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  13. I couldn't agree more :thumbsup:
  14. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis



    Wasn't turbo modelling on the agenda for AMS though? I thought this would be on the back burner on to that, then again I won't complain about having CART Extreme in AMS.
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  16. Hell yeah !!!

    Hope we'll see at least one street course from the track pack but in any case, releasing this pack already is a great news !!!
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  17. Amazing, thanks Patrick!

    #1 CART Extreme fan here :rolleyes:
  18. Amazing ! Briliant work !:):):):):):)
  19. #2 here,,, :thumbsup:
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  20. BoogerMac


    Great stuff Patrick! Keep it up! Your work is definitely appreciated.
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