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Skins CART 1999 - 1.0

CART 1999

  1. lobisomem submitted a new resource:

    CART 1999 - - CART 1999

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  2. Thank you for your reply but... Penske is JUST ONE car. :cautious:
    Can't you consider doing it anyway ? :)
    And to be honest, to me, it looks almost the same as '98, '99 model. You can leave it the same. :D
    Btw, did you read about (too)shiny cars model in your '99 carset ?
    Do you agree with me ? Any chance for improve that alpha channel ?
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  3. You're not some talkative type, aren't you ? :rolleyes::p
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  4. The '98 car was quite a bit different man. We all wish we could have every year of the golden days of CART but its not gonna happen unless someone makes the car set

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  5. Yeah and you're some kind of expert I guess.
    Clicking on your name gives precisely 0 (zero) mods result.
    So I'm not exactly sure... that you know what you talking about. :speechless:
    And, maan;), I saw much more stranger thing around here, here:
    there's just one example for you ...ma man.
    F1 liveries ranging from 1979 to 2007 and all jammed on GP2 2006 car. Or was it 2005. :rolleyes:Nevermind.
    And you saing that a little adjustment of '97 CART liveries to '98 CART cars - it ain't gonna happened unless we got that exact car ? C'mon... really.... spare yourself further comments. Please. :unsure:
  6. Well, I started working in the 1997 season, but I have no release date. I'm totally out of time to work with the project.:(
    About alpha channels, I do not know how to solve. I just converted the skins (.bmp) of that mod I created for the f1 Challenge a few years ago. I did not use template, then do not have a correct alpha layer to it. I did the best I could.:whistling:
  7. To whom was this message? I hope it was not for me.:O_o:
  8. Obviously it wasn't for you. It's for the other one. :D
    Thank you for your answers. Too bad.
    Maybe I'll do something with those shiny liveries.
  9. Just open up one of the CART cars and copy the alpha channel to yours and save, should fix the shiny issue.
  10. wow! Thank you for the tip! I'll test it now.:):):thumbsup::thumbsup:
  11. Just make sure you save it as DXT5 Interpolated alpha.

    EDIT: Make sure the car your opening is the same chassis and that it doesnt have any markings specific to that car in the alpha.

    You could also go into the Stockcar Extreme downloads and find the CART Templates that are in there somewhere and use that alpha channel as it'll be blank with no markings.
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