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Cars Properties

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Michael Manuel Marini, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hi to everyone,
    i've a question. do you guys know if the cars in f1 2010 have their own properties?
    We all notice that McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari are the fastest, than there are Mercedes, Renault etc etc..

    But for example, do you know if McLaren has more accelleration than Red Bull or more Speed or more/less something than Ferrari with the same setting?

    Or simply, they've been programmed with the same values?
  2. Yes they do have their own strengths and weaknesses. I think the only time they can be equal is for multiplayer game modes.
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yep the only time they are equal is in Multiplayer the speed of the car is set to the fastest car chosen.

    I only know that Mclaren has more power and Red Bulls are more stable/grippy
  4. doing some time trial with a custom setup loaded in silverstone, I've tried to race with both red bull and ferrari.
    Ferrari seemed slower, but it was more grippy, the first sector was more comfortable to do.
  5. even in TT mode, the strength of the car varies.. mclarens, higher top speed, bulls as andrew said stable.. ferrari seems to have better cornering ability and so on..
  6. DeathCube going totally :offtopic: your avatar is rather distracting, thank's :D When I scroll through the thread's that one just stop's me dead and pull's me in you old dog you !

  7. Somebody posted this for me in another thread:

  8. The above chart may be true but doesn't really reflect the feel for each car.

    I don't notice straight line very much, but, when I take corners with the Ferrari, it feels like my rear is gonna break out quite easily. But in a McLaren, it does feel a lot more planted, very stable. Red Bull, imo, same as McLaren, just a bit faster. I don't look at the speedo, but RB6 does feel faster than the McLaren.

    I think track makes a difference too? Like maybe say a MP4 is faster in Spa but RB6 faster in Brazil? Haven't tried, I don't have solid evidence. Lol.
  9. Well your theory is correct TheoryD (I had to do it, come on!) :D The car's do perform differently on all track's and all driver's too have their own variables to throw in too, it is just not very game balanced. Looking at all the data a lot of it make's sense in the real world but that is the problem the game is in an EGO engine not real so the variables sort of work but not properly as other factor's such as erm it's not real have to be figured in and CM clearly ran out of time doing this !
  10. Yeah... My friend told me they all have different feels. He actually said his favorite was the Mercedes... Which is my team goal .
  11. tbh, mercedes does kinda feel good to drive..

  12. According to Codemasters, all cars have the exact same characteristics in TT mode. You're imagining things.
  13. Well that is sort of misleading on CM part (surprise, surprise) in TT mode the cars all have full upgrade's and top performing engines of their tier's, which is 750 bhp for all in TT and no tyre ware, track grip is 100% also. They will perform with each car's characteristics too.
  14. I have to agree Mercedes feel very good to drive, very stable cornering and quite direct. But doesn't feel very fast to be honest.