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Skins Cars pack 1 Melbourne GP 2015 1.2

Resolution 4096 - 2048

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  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

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  2. fitti


    Beautiful work, but apart MERCEDES got all the numbers and riders vice versa. You do not know how to fix it? Otherwise, it's super.;)
  3. Me too. In my case Red Bull and McLaren car numbers are inverted. Force India doesn't have any number and Sauber has the same number for both cars. In addition, some helmets like Alonso or Vettle helmet are not correctly added.
    However it's a very good work. Keep it up!
  4. fitti


    It's super !! When the problem is resolved, so it will be really brings excellent. I look forward to and thank you very much.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. Numbers inverted between first and second drivers ? ?? ( Ricciardo 1th - Kvyat 2nd )
    Force India have numbers green and dark gray ( look on the cockpit down Claro logo, i's
    very little ; green is on the small wing on side )[​IMG]

    Sauber; I wrote it in description: C34 on RB10 with number 9.
    I preferred to put only one big number instead of little numbers like in Sahara FI.
    HELMETS ??? I never added helmets
  6. All car are perfect but just McLaren are like "for example" on this Screenshot.[​IMG]
  7. Do you know if his happened to other users ?
  8. That is the wrong chassis. The McLaren uses the RedBull chassis if I am not mistaken not the Merc chassis...
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  9. No idea've not asked nobody...
  10. I'll
    I'll update as fast as I can
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  11. I'm not in stress you can do it tomorrow or at any time.Thank you Bro!
  12. Why does the lines seems to be Orange and not Red on the McLaren Honda ?
  13. Resolution is 4096 - 2048 as I wrote in description, try resizing pics in original resolution of your game.
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  14. I have the same problem, but in the force india :(
  15. force india has the red bull chasse