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Car's jumps in the grid

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Have a new problem.. The cars in the grid are in a turn, downhill. That causes them to appear just under the tarmac and when starting the race, some jump up and may land skewed. The problem didn't show it self with AI, they rise slowly. Only human controlled cars do it, they jump very suddenly. If any one knows what to do, it would be great.. This pretty urgent, should have a race on it in about 4 hours..
  2. LoL I'm picturing cars popping up like popcorn :D

    You can try raising the grid spot a wee tad. Manually edit the aiw and increase each grid spot by .02 for the z value (the second number)
  3. I manage to do a quickfix.. I duplicated the project, raised the track about 1m around the grid and created new AIW with a different name. Then copied the [GRID] and [TELEPORT] sections from the new AIW to the old. That fixed the problem, well almost. They dodn't pop out so bad but they are STILL too low.. The main problem is not the grid height as such but that the cars are spawn horizontically level and the track is anything but. The center of the nose is at the correct height but the rear is buried to the ground. And the track has curvature, camber and elevation at that point so it's not level at all...

    I have solved this in other tracks by making the grid and pits completely flat. But it hinders these more realistic approaches a lot.. There is orientation lines in the grid, is there a Roll value to spin the car on z axis? I think it's z-axis that is parallel to car "length axis".. or is it x... not y, that much i know. Yeah, it is z and x that the car needs to be spinned to make it spawn in the correct orientation. It's hard to sometimes to imagine yaw around the 3D world..
  4. z is rotate, x is pitch and y is roll, think of a boat, turn the boat on the z axis, pitch it in the x and roll it on the y. But your onto it, that was my next suggestion to pitch/roll the axis, which is possible in rf, dunno about btb though. you could always back up the aiw, then set it up in the aiw editor, copy it and paste it back into the orig. aiw. (you can't edit the btb generated aiw with the aiw editor without having to redo the whole thing, but to do that and copy paste will work).
  5. Is there a favorite AIW editor you could recommend? I've tried some but failed to even get them started, i bet there are working ones out there...
  6. ISI's Editor works best for me...


    This app has a bit of a learning curve but IMHO it is the best AIW editor. There are many excellent tutorials for it but Bill Pryor's "AIWEditing" provided the break-thru that I needed; I hope that my posting it here does not offend him...

    Good luck!

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  7. Oh, shoud've stated; i got BTB Evo only...
  8. Want me to do it for you? Seeing as you need it asap. Then after you can learn to do it yoruself.
  9. The urgency is gone, now i have time as i quitted my job, at the first day....Telemarketing is a scam, i'll tell you, a scam. Awful line of business.
  10. Use the ISI AIWCAMEditor.

    Drive to the grid markings and re-assign every single grid box.


    Better yet, delete all waypoints, and make a new AIW from scratch in the AIWCAMEditor.

    It's almost impossible to make a smooth fast path in BTB.