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cars go thru walls & terrain in BTBevo track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Polsih, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Clipboard01.jpg GCS_223.jpg GCS_225.jpg GCS_224.jpg How do I fix this. Track is in GTR2. In the terrain example, the road panel length is 2m and the terrain is even relative to the track. In the wall example the panel length is 1m and wall extends 12m below ground! :confused: thanks for your attention:)
  2. Only thing for now. Just check you have the 'collide' tick box on in the properties window of the wall
  3. Have you changed the shape of the wall? sometimes when you delete one side, of a double sided wall, the collide-effect only appears in one direction nor the other.
  4. Make sure the terrain has a material such as "grvl" "sand" "grass" etc in the materials editor
  5. BTB walls with a single face seem to allow cars to pass through them in one direction even when you check the collide button and your material is double sided. I have resolved this problem using three sided walls and making an invisable texture and applying it to two faces. Collide must be checked in the material section of the walls menu.
    Road materials must have a valid name the pulldown has rfactor material names they are not all valid for GTL and GTR2. If you use roada it will work for rfactor, gtl, gtr2, and gtr evo.
  6. Thanks very much for replies. I have added pictures to first post (didn't upload correctly 1st time!)

    No time to reply fully at this time but will get back to it asap. Cheers.
  7. I'm struggling with, almost, the same for rFactor with Australian Rocks. Created 'some' rocks on the road and offcourse you have to collide on it ;)
    Do you really have to set for every single rock/object the 'collide option'? Must be possible for all placed different rocks at once ?

  8. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    IIRC you can select them all and change the properties of the rock-objects.
  9. Tnx Erwin, however something is not correct. Sometimes I can select all objects and make them collidable and sometimes you only get the half of the objects, or less. Yep I used the shift option even tried ctrl, but some objects don't like to be added to collide.
    Means I have to select every rock apart, grrr. Tried it with cows also ;) Add object, rock 1, line, goto Edit, click Collide. Goto File, save, and export. Start rFactor, drive, some objects collide, some not .....
  10. Brads answer got me started on solving the problem - walls embedded in the banks helped quite a bit but the trackside wall needed much experimentation ending up with multi-sided walls (6+!) and to make them work properly with P&G they had to be driveable in addition to collidable. Thanks all.:)