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cars disappearing problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by cmartin, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. im nearing the final stages of an rfactor dirt oval, im new to btb and im having a problem. i have a continous wall around the outside of the track. during a race if a car touches the wall it looks like he teleports to a different part of the track until the car comes off the wall then it will reappear back on the track. my wall is a standard concrete wall and im using a blue and white guardrail type texture that looks nice. my walls are collidable,drivable,and resting on ground.

    the track has about10 degrees banking with the top of the track leveling out flat to give a flat surface to apply the wall to. *wall is actually sitting on the outside edge of the track* with the terrain/track combination directly under where the wall rests.

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  2. When you set up the AIW file did you correctly set the corridors?

    Another thing worth mentioning is that walls should not be drivable. Collidable is enough

  3. well to be honest i have not messed with any corridors, i was under the assumption that corridors placed themselves correctly when you are editing centerline. is there something i need to check into?
  4. Their widths won't be correct, so you'll need to fix them.

  5. the corridors on my banked oval look wrong. everything is ok in the straights but when you enter the banked portion the corridors are no longer laying flat on the track surface. the banking goes up to the left and the corridors are angled down and to the right. going under the track surface
  6. I had a problem like that on my first track.

    I had 2 banked corners, Right, then left.

    The right was ok but the left had your problem (and I assume yours are left turns as ovals are anticlockwise)

    I found the only solution was to use ISI's AIW Editor and get it to set the corridors.
  7. ok i am having this same problem and i actually know cmartin, and we have been working trying too pinpoint what is happening here with no luck at all, it only happens in online play, and you cant actually see your own car disappearing you gotta be riding with someone else in order too see it, i have done everything i can think of, what do the corridors have too do with online play? anything at all? i love this program but it is not going too do me any good at all like this and it's 80 bucks wasted for something that does not work. it happens on invisible walls on a flat surface, it happens on visible walls. does the LOD in/out have anything too do with the wall being hittable? what else could be our problem? I am willin to pay someone if they can help get this fixed. as it is getting very very aggravating.

  8. ok another question, in my scn file their is a line like this

    MeshFile=wall2_s0.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=False ShadowReceiver=True

    I opened up another dirt oval scn file and theirs is like this

    MeshFile=trackwall.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True ShadowReceiver=True
    MeshFile=trackwall2.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True

    what i wanna know is what is the Response line for and the HATTarget line for? and why is their not a shadow receiver line? is it b/c it dont receive shadows?

    Thank You alot
  9. I'm no expert but i think the "HATTarget" line tells rf if it is driveable or not (and CollTarget for collision)

    You can set the wall to cast and/or receive shadows in BTB. There is a checkbox under one of the tabs for both of them.

    Sorry i can't help you any more