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Released Carolina Motorsport Park

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Luca Radaelli, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. CAROLINA MOTORSPORTS PARK "CMP" 2011 v1.5 - 04/2011 for rFactor
    by LcR



    Carolina Motorsports Park has been developed by a group of enthusiasts and racers from the south east, led by Joe Hooker and Bob Humphreys, who played leading roles in getting the project built. Land acquisition was completed in July 1998 with construction starting soon thereafter. The full 2.3 mile road course opened in July 1999.

    The site is an old World War II fighter-training base located about four miles south of Kershaw and seventeen miles north of Camden on Highway 521 in South Carolina, and is approximately one hour drive south of Charlotte International Airport.



    I thank SlowMotion for advice,
    Culmone for grass' texture -
    I have been using and modifying information about the concrete's texture.
    I also thank the community of racedepartment.com for all the xpacks present and
    the RuinedRoad Sim-Racing Team for support.


    Credits :
    Bob's Track Builder,
    ISI for rFactor,
    Simbin for GTR2 GTlegends e GtrEvo


    Conversions or editing of this track for rFactor are not allowed.
    All the textures created by Culmone can not be used in other projects.

    (Copyright grass textures) by culmone67 - culmone.giovanni@alice.it
    (Copyright texture and 3D objects) by LcR - lcr77@hotmail.it


    This track was created for exclusively recreative purposes,
    its usage in profit-making activities and the like is strictly forbidden.

    DOWNLOAD >> http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=32115
  2. Thanks Luca! Looks nice.
  3. Fun track with surprisingly sharp corners and most excellently detailed! Culmone's grass texture provides a solid foundation that the rest of the graphics build on.

    30 grid spots, 15 pit spots. Pity that most of the AI can't exit the paddock, though it's worth 5 minutes of entertainment watching them smash into the fence and toilets. If you want to race AI, it would be best to skip straight to a race session.

    The graphic details come at a small cost that most will accept. Framerate varies from adequate (e.g. on a slower graphics card you may or may not get 60 fps) to very good. For comparison, the lowest fps are not as low as Parramatta Park's lowest fps; maybe 10-15% better on the bottom.

    Therefore I highly recommend this track and commend Luca for an excellent creation!
  4. Edited first post for new version 1.5 -2 track in 1- :)