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WIP Carolina Motorsport Park

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Luca Radaelli, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Carolina Motorsports Park has been developed by a group of enthusiasts and racers from the south east, led by Joe Hooker and Bob Humphreys, who played leading roles in getting the project built. Land acquisition was completed in July 1998 with construction starting soon thereafter. The full 2.3 mile road course opened in July 1999.

    The site is an old World War II fighter-training base located about four miles south of Kershaw and seventeen miles north of Camden on Highway 521 in South Carolina, and is approximately one hour drive south of Charlotte International Airport.

    2,279mi/3,667 km - 14 turn


    Track Site http://www.carolinamotorsportspark.com/

    Preview video

  2. This looks really interesting! I like this layout
  3. Looks awesome Luca!
  4. Yep, could be interesting.
  5. Layout is finish.

  6. Interesting stuff! Any ideas about an kinda-sorta ETA date? I know some guys who'd be willing to help beta testing, too.
  7. Thanks for betatesting Raido, the track is 100% complete, missing buildings and other small things

    Seeking information of the buildings if anyone can help me serve images would be very grateful

    It remains to make the AI to get out of the paddock and then release

    sorry use googletranslator

  8. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Looks Amazing, Keep It Up! I'll Download This When It's Ready! :-D
  9. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff


    The track looks amazing. Good luck with all your buildings etc :)
  10. I just got back from CMP after a full 3 day weekend. If i knew, I'd have taken all the pics for you. I'm a corner flagger with NASA. Impressive work on the layout. http://qik.com/emmanuelbaako/videos
  11. Really looking very nice. Well done man.
  12. Luca, looks absolutely great. I have a specific question about the bumps. How did you add them, and how did you control them? The car seems to bounce around quite realistically - through the fast corners, under braking, etc - and this adds to the impression of reality very well. I suspect I make my tracks a little too flat, the road surface too even, and this therefore feels slightly unrealistic. I know I can play with the cross section, and the random vertex height control, but I guess I was interested in how you did it here. Thanks :)
  13. Thanks Alex, it is easier to do than to say, I have changed everything from the asphalt road to roadx after modifying the file .tdf with these features:

    // Roads Bumps LVL1 //small bumps washboard
    Dry=RoadDryGrip Wet=RoadWetGrip Resistance=0.0 BumpAmp=0.011 BumpWavelen=12.0 Legal=true Spring=0.0 Damper=0.0 CollFrict=0.4

    also depends greatly mod

    I change the cross section only for the curbs that are part of the layout

    sry use googletranslator
  14. Thanks Luca, now I've been looking in detail at TDF files from various tracks I've downloaded.... wow, so much detail and variables. BTB editing seems like it's only half the story....!!!

    There are alot of variables listed, linked to materials, etc. It's interesting comparing the BTB outputted TDF file versus custom ones. For example, I have been looking through the TDFs included in the FSR mod tracks, to look at the differences between say Valencia (smooth, modern circuit) and Spa (old, worn).

    Will have to start testing and tweaking..... !

    [also depends greatly on the mod]

    What mod were you using there? Looks like a GT2 spec porsche from the EnduRacers - Endurance Series mod?
  15. something similar ;)
  16. :wink: similar..?
  17. internal mod for a championship, did very well and simillar to ES :)
  18. I finished buildings, I just have to learn to accommodate the AIW file to release the cars in the right way from the paddock

    arranged cameras

    v. 0.94
  19. Wow, that looks marvelous!
  20. Wow, really good work, nice textures (one of the best which I've ever seen!)
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