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Featured Carlsson SLK 340 released for RaceRoom

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Ryan Ogurek, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek

    Sector 3 Studios has added the hillclimbing monster, the Carlsson SLK 340. Check it out in this video, and give it a free test drive in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

    Get involved in our RaceRoom community by checking out our dedicated R3E forum, or by posting awesome videos and photos in our R3E gallery!
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  2. 247


    tryied...really a must have...but hey you should add to your account 499 vRP for a 199 vRP purchase...so at the moment it will not be on my garage... :(
  3. Took it for a spin at lakeview hillclimb, what a intense experience, you need to be so insanely concentrated to complete a clean run!
  4. Shannon Flynn

    Shannon Flynn
    VirtualHillClimb.com Premium

    Has RaceRoom Hill Climb been updated for this pack?

    As you can imagine, us guys at VirtualHillClimb.com are chomping at the bit anxious for this to happen ;)
  5. Fyi, correct me if I'm wrong, but the content ownership discount applies on the hillclimb pack and not the car itself.

    Sounds like a bug @Jay Ekkel?

    Bought the car for 100 VRP. It feels like a really nice car, we just need to tighten up the G27 FFB as the center deadzone makes hillclimbs extra challenging. ;)
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  6. confusing about the namenin it...pack. Its funny to heard, pack with one car and one track? :roflmao:
  7. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium

    Hopefully in the future we will add some more cars to the Hillclimb Pack, if there is enough interest :)
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  8. I believe this will be changing in an update soon so you will be able to buy exactly what you want :)
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  9. 247


    i hope so...i miss only 2 or 3 cars that i really want but for buying it i should add even more vRP...is not that convenient... :(
  10. Big interest, as for me I like this class very much :thumbsup:
  11. Yeah! It is a bit clever of their marketing department to employ that tac-tic in the pricing structure.
    You always wind up leaving something on the 'plate' at the end of a transaction.
    I'm guessing the hope is that if you have a credit, you'll be more inclined to add money and do future purchases.
    I'd like to buy a few of the newly re-done tracks, but I personally don't like leaving credits on the books... so I have not.
    I have the default track, plus two others.
    Had it not been for that structure, I'd probably have a few more.
  12. Even if they change that, you would still need to spend at least 5€ / $5 / 5£ if you want to increase your Steam Wallet funds. Sector 3 doesn't have any influence on the minimum fund level.
  13. 247


    Why?as far as i recall steam has an option to add exactly the sum you need to spend...correct me if I am wrong...
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  15. Only when spending more than 5€ / $5 / 5£; it's because of credit card fees.
  16. Had a really nice battle between this and the BMW Judd on Bathurst yesterday!

    Please make it possible to battle head to head with one other car on the hill climb tracks!!
  17. 247


    Didn't know that...thx for the info... :)
  18. Shannon Flynn

    Shannon Flynn
    VirtualHillClimb.com Premium

    I suspect interest would greatly increase if there were a few servers online running the hill climb courses ;)
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