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Career Set-Ups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Adam Lawson, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Although I love F1 and try to watch as many races as I can during the season, I'm not so great with the technical and mechanical side of F1 and am struggling with setting up my car to do well in career mode. I did read the guide written by Ramon in the set-ups sub forum but it still didn't really help me get a good idea of how to properly set-up the car.

    Does anyone have any tips with what order to set-up my car in and how to set-up my car effectively?
  2. I surgest either getting a setup from the setups thread then modify it to your needs, or Just look at every individual point and just have a mess around with the different options, then once you have messed around try it round a track, it could be a really good setup for you to use, then you save it :) Hope this helps :)

  3. I too am hopeless when it comes to making setups (I'm a driver not a engineer!). The Setup section of this forum has some really good ones though. They work well for all cars, though some modification is needed for some of the slower cars. Gearing and Aero changes should do the trick.
  4. i have heard people complain that the setups people use for time trial dont work on career but i disagree they work perfectly for me have never had any problems with them they are the same setup after all but you should defo try the setups people are using on this site they are really good
  5. I disagree too, they do work :)
  6. In my last few races, I did better with the adaptable quick set-up than with the custom ones in the set-up section. Now I'm confused.
  7. it does all depend on driving style some people like quick nimble handling but that might not suit everyone becuase the car can feel very nervous under steering in a straight line or in corners me for instance i like driving with plenty of weight in the front end and braking bias set forward by a couple of percent and throttle map fast high brakes with weight balance forward and brake bias forward with high brakes i can brake late in the corners and exit early one disadvantage to this is oversteer but i have gotten very good at noticing when the back end is going to slide out its a matter of taste
  8. Do you have an order in which you tune your car? I have no idea where to start.
  9. I'll drive the track till i start getting consistent times then i pay particular attention to as to how much spped i can get up to on the longest straights. Then set 7th about 10 kmph more than that and step the gears down from 6th to 3rd and keep 3rd to 1st level and put first about 40 kmph over slowest corner on the track depending on how low you can set the 1st gear of course. This is handy so you don't bog down with too much power coming out of slow corners.

    Then i start tweaking other setups such as brakes so as not to lock up in certain corners, engine map fast when dry slow when wet, alignment, balance, anti roll bars, and every time i change one thing i put in 2 laps after each category. If it makes the times worse i go in the opposite direction. Lastly the downforce and as it effects top speed i make sure its not red-lining if so set 5 to 10 kmph higher or whatever is required. Also note that camber in/out and toe in/out is not so important as spring stiffness roll bars or downforce they only knock .1 or .2 off your times and should really be changed when you want to shave that extra bit of time off your laps if you need an explaination for anything specific let me know i'll be glad to explain :)
  10. Problems with the car are not as noticeable with TCS and ABS on, right?
  11. yeah when playing with TCS off and ABS off its a lot more difficult that with them on
  12. Turned TCS and ABS off, and I seem to be hitting the rev limit on almost every gear when exiting a turn. Do I push the gears higher or lower?
  13. try a bit lower do you play on xbox live?
  14. I would but xbox isn't currently connected to live. When I get it connected and get gold I'll let you know.
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That doesnt really matter. Just shift earlier before the max out. Its more important to have your seventh and final gear properly setup so that it reaches almost max revs at the end of the longest straight.

    In general for setups in the game its important that you understand what under- and oversteer is and how to adjust it for your likings.
  16. having said that, if my gear settings given below are reving out on 1st 2nd and 3rd gear when coming out of a corner 137/169/193/224/256/289/325

    should i shift earlier and make it 130/160/185/224/256/289/325 ?

    also what does throtlle map do. how does this help ?

    what are option tyres and prime tyres and when to use them?
  17. no he means shifting gears as in a gear changes but what bram said is true i learned loads of stuff off his posts

    Throttle Map slow/cruise means you will build slowly suitable for wet weather Standard means it will gather speed normally and fast means that you will gather speed quickly suitable for dry tracks this is what i usually stick with

    Options are slick racing tyres more grip more precision and generally better but easier to wear away primes are not as responsive but a better than inters and last longer usually people use primes in practice and options in qualifying i do it the other way around options in practice primes in qualys as the track is more rubbered on the second day.

    Also i like this strategy because on race day i start on primes for a longer run and then can switch to options near the end and put in the fast laps hope this helps
  18. Thanks Anthony , that helps.