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Misc Career Progression over 10 Seasons 1.0

Driver name changes for every season of your F1 2016 career.

  1. Onyx005 submitted a new resource:

    Career Progression over 10 Seasons - Driver name changes for every season of your F1 2016 career.

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  2. So, after the first season is finished all we do is change language-file?
  3. Exactly. The game itself won't change it for you after every season, and as far as i know there is no way to make that happen through a mod.
  4. Does this change anything for season 1?
  5. No, I left season 1 as it is.
  6. Will I have to restart my current career mode? (still in season 1) - I have been waiting for this one :)
  7. No, the mod simply changes the names. Even if you're in the middle of a season, you can still use this mod. Only the driver names will change.
  8. While the commentary will still undoubtedly be unchanged (as with subtitles of it) - which I have no complaints about, are there any other instances' where the original name will be shown instead of the altered one?
  9. I've been playing with this mod for a few weeks and I haven't found any original names. Of course the driver names on the side of the cockpit will remain unchanged, since they are part of the car skin. Stuff like that won't be changed by the language files.
  10. Do you have any plans to develop this project further?
  11. Love the project, but really wanted to know whether it would be possible to easily adjust this according to the person's own reasoning?