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Career problem. Impossible to win

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Mike85, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Hi guys! Just wanted to ask why i can't win a single race in this game playing for haas team? This is ridiculous? It is realistic f1?
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  2. Haas shouldn't win any race. Very realistic in that aspect.
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  3. I won every race of the calendar in my first season with Manor, no assists, cockpit cam and.. very easy difficulty. [SARCASTIC MOD ON]
  4. Hmmm... Quite strange that in f1 game the cars have different power and speeds. Its only a game... Not real life.
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  5. Are you serious?
    It's a career mode, not time trial! What's the point of have the official license of F1 and make 11 teams with the same performance?
    No way
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  6. I simply thought the game would be different, maybe not like in real life. However its ok now :)
  7. Thorrior

    Captain Stupid

    But you can still win with Haas. I started a carreer with Haas and won my second race. Had to increase the difficulty after that race because I thought it was too easy. And you also need to spend your research points to increase the performance of your car. Later on, your car will be as good as the cars of the top teams.
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  8. Tim.E

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    Wow, you my friend........ have a serious issue here. I mean let's face it, would it be realistic if you smashed the AI by 30s every race, NO! So I don't see the point, Haas shouldn't win any races imo, especially not the first one or two. You definitely have a very lugubrious view on this.
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  9. Well, I'm in a career with Haas too and I'm very happy to finish 6th at Bahrein in expert. So, it's up to you to configure your career mode. If you only want to win every race, configure the game to play like that.

    If you want a challenging career mode, leave it as is and change the difficulty level to match your skills.
  10. Wow guys! I'm in a career with Haas but at the end of last month they didn't cash me in a cheque... Is this realistic?

    No offense Mike85, I just couldn't resist...
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  11. It's OK - I'm paying for my drive over at Manor ;) Bringing in way less than Harayanto and they are fine with that :D
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  12. Hello anyone in career mode has tried to break an engine? in the subsequent replacement it is provided penalties as in F1?
  13. Well I had performence loss, but no blow up. You just need to rev the **** out of the engine. And you won't be penalised for engine replacements I think..
  14. so at the moment it is not implemented strange is a very important detail to see last gp with hamilton