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Career: New team every season

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Rich Maskell, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Can you get a new team every season? As in all 5?

    The reason I ask was that I was Force India in my 3rd season. Did well - came 5th in the Championship. Beat my team mate, did the majority of my objectives (was asked to come 9th). I had 24 rep points.

    I had contract offers from Lotus and Toro Rosso. Now forgive me if I don't jump at the chance to join them.

    The Mclarens came 10th and 11th in the Drivers championship. Should I at least have had an offer from Mercedes, Sauber or L - Renault?
  2. Who did you set as a main rival? Buemi? Algersuari?

    And this game's career sucks at this point.. It can't be worse... I'm in a Virgin. First season... Legend... Now in Canada they want me to Qualify 4th and finish NO LOWER THAN 2nd?! crap... I will finish 1st.. The AI at Canada sucks but.. They want me to finish 21st or better for the season but at the same time they expect me to win every race... total crap...

    And by the way, why are you staying 3 seasons in FI? I mean... Toro Rosso is better than FI. Better go there...
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  3. I'm still wondering why you people continue play career. The AI is so freaking slow that I have no interest at all. Even in FI I lap almost all cars in 50% race and if I play 100% it's even worse as I can lap them twice.
  4. I haven't been 3 seasons in F. India. I was Virgin, then Lotus then F India. Toro Rosso isn't that much better.
  5. Not everybody is as good at this game as you
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  6. Play with a Tier 5 team. It's more fun. I'm still leading the championship but if you don't overtake the first corners, it's gonna be hard. Because I struggle at qualifyings and I have to make 10+ places to win.. And.. It's fun. With a slower car.. :D
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  7. Mate I don't want to disturb people with my feelings about the AI but I almost won at Suzuka with Lotus. I only missed the win because I span once. :D
  8. But that' because you're quite good. And you have lots of time to practice. I am newly married with a kid on the way.
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  9. And you play games? :D

    I don't practice too, I don't think Victor practices a lot too. You need 4-5-6 laps to learn the track and everything - then it's just driving. :p

    If you want to get even worse opinion for the AI - try Monaco. :) It's very easy to lap them a few times with a Tier 5 car. :D
  10. 4 laps to learn a track?

    Are you nuts?
  11. I'm potatoes. :) Joking.. :D

    Yeah, you need 4 to 6 laps to learn a track. And maybe 10-15 more to perfect it but this can be done during the race too. For example, I hadn't drove on India and when I did for the first time, after the (online) qualifying session I knew the track pretty well. It's easy to remember a track. They're short. :p
  12. I presume you sold the game after a week then?
  13. 4 laps is not enough if you are completely new to a track. I really need like 4-5 laps to remember one track and to be fast again but I know all the tracks already cause I play on them since the game release. For example last night we had a league race at Catalunya and I haven't raced there for a long time. I did only 2 out laps and 2 in laps without a hot lap and I was pretty fast in the race.
    Yep I might not have a kid yet but I work 10 hours a day and believe me the last thing I do when I get home is to start playing games. Especially in the summer when it's so hot that my brain is like a soup :D

    @Kristian Nenov I know I know... I have video from my first career 50% race back in September where I won in a Williams :D And the game was really new and different than F1 2010 then :D
  14. Williams have won a race this season in RL haven't they?
  15. Yep Maldonado won in Catalunya but the game is based on 2011 performance where Williams had 4 points :)

  16. Weren't they 5? :)
  17. 9th I believe.
  18. No, I'm talking about points. :) 5 points :)
  19. Oh lol haha mis-understood you there :p
  20. Are you playing Expert mode Legend AI with no KERS car ?? If yes why not post at least one sample video that you driving say Lotus and win the race easily say Melbourne ?? I doing 50% race in Melbourne and i believe i lap fast enough but only finish 9th in qualifying & have to defend like hell to finish 3rd in race, i dont think the AI is really that dumb like how you describe :cool: