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career mode help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Scoobychief, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Scoobychief


    Hi guys just wondering i am playing the game on evrything on cause i'm not that good, and i have tried all those setups posted by people and still can't get better starting grid position than say 8 or 10th and the lotus car doesn't appear to have great acceleration i mean from the off i find it difficult to ever overtake anyone only on long straights there is a chance. So can anybody help with setups or anything else. thanks
  2. Gonira


    but the lotus in real life is not able to get anything better than 19th, so you should actually try to make the game harder if you want realism.

    anyway, don't even think about using brake assist and try to use manual shifting if you want to run faster.
  3. Shadeshift


    After you've learned the proper gears and braking points for each corner you need to start attacking the kerbs hard. Don't drive around them, use kerbs to your advantage and cut into them as much as possible without getting a penalty. You'll end up getting a faster line into the next corner and much higher exit speeds. Drive on the edge of control to gain speed. Remember, if you don't feel fast you probably aren't. Forget your limitations, if you focus and practice time trials against your ghost car to see where you're losing and gaining time, you'll only get faster.
  4. M0NKEYB0Y


    Kerbs are a most but not in the rain, avoid them. Some of the custom setups posted on these threads are not that good so dont relay on them to make you faster, make the most of your practise sessions(try turning fuel sim/tire sim off and run lap after lap till time runs out). helps me, turn them back on when finished for quey and race.

    Also the custom setups where devoloped in Time Trial Mode with 2010 setting applyed. Your career car is normaly underdevloped(slower), so the custom setup may not suit the car or your driving style in career mode.

    Driving the Lotus wont get you the title unless your change the diffculty. 8/10th seems about right.
  5. wantSteer


    Yeah, attack kerbs, but watchout for punctures :p Setups doesnt make THAT much difference in this game (shame), but I found I can do much better, by optimising my racing line, basically what Shadeshift said. Watching onboard videos from F1.com helps a lot.