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Helmets Career Helmets Pack 1.1

for all teams

  1. fluffydave submitted a new resource:

    Career Helmets Pack 1 - Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Red Bull, Force India, Renault

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  2. Thank you!
  3. ~Great stuff man! Is there no need changing the colour scheme's when using the Rockstar helmet??
  4. Mig-VTS


    Cool ! :thumbsup:
  5. Love you man, more mods like this
  6. Awesome mod! I already started a career but I have no idea what gen_# has my helmet.
    Can you post here gen+picture of the default ones? So I can overwrite my helmet
    Thanks a lot
  7. Just backup your gamesave and start net career, then replace the saves.
  8. More istructions please?
  9. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\35070521\391040\remote

    Make sure u don't use cloud saving.
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  10. Thanks, really kind.
    1) backup files
    2) restart career
    3) put helmet mod
    3) select first helmet with correct colors
    4) overwrite backups
  11. I'd think that would work. Don't hold me accountable though haha
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  12. In the worst case I have to restart my career. It's just a game, don't worry :laugh:
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  13. Ok some news: backups works like a charm.
    But obviously the helmet doesn't change as your career helmet will be overwritten!
    The only way we can overwrite the right helmet is to restart the career or know which gen number has our career helmet
  14. Now mods are coming out quickly and this is definitely one of the best I've ever seen.
    I'll start a new career soon, maybe with Manor this time ;)
    Thanks for the mods, I appreciate so much!
  15. Well that was my first intention, restart the career so you could see which Gen you now use, just make a printscreen and compare it. Every gen has a different blueprint.
  16. No need to change, all helmet mods from me will use the same red, green and blue settings.
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  17. Nice one :) Great job
  18. hello mate great helmets dude :) would it be possible for you to do a career mode helmet for me? i have the designs in different files i just dont know how to pack it if you know what i mean so ill send you the design of my helmet and you could do the file for me? i'd really appreciate that :) the file i will send you will be a DDS
  19. Why you you also provide an asset_groups folder with the incardriver.erp? How have you edited this? I cant seem to edit mine.

    I followed the helmet tutorial, exported as DDS, edited in photoshop etc, saved as the DTX1 no alpha, I then renamed my DDS to replace the unbranded gen 22 _d.tga.mipmaps in game directory. Cant reopen it - Fine.
    when i go to the incardriver.erp in scenes at assets groups and open with erp.archiver my new helmet is already there? When i try to replace anyway with my modded helmet dds it throws an error and cant import.

    Am I missing something dude?
  20. You did everything correctly, I think the ERP archiver 3.0 messed up with the errors. I'm still using version 2.0, maybe you should try that version. Try report this issue to Petar Tasev.