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Career decision coming up, would like some input!

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by RobertLidstroem, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Hi, all!

    First of all, let me point out that i'm no hardcore F1-gamer that has been around since 2010 or even before that. I stumbled upon F1 (real and game) 2 months ago. Ofcourse i knew who Schumi is and i had slotcars (Tyco) when i was a kid, but thats about it. So easy on me :D

    Now here's the deal:

    I'm on first season (2nd profile). I'm now driving on hard, with professional AI. I selected Toro Rosso as my first team, after finishing the YDT. I did unlock 5 or seven teams (all of them), but decided to go with Toro Rosso because i wanted a long run to the top, and no i didn't want to start with Marussia or Caterham.

    So off i go! I go race 1-10 with STR and only manage 2pts (average finishing pos about 16th). I beginning to think that this wasn't so funny after my last race in Hungary. Well, wasn't I a happy lad when i found a contract offer from Sauber in the mail! I've liked Sauber fairly much since my interrest started 2-3 months ago. So, off i go with Sauber!

    At SPA i get 7th place, and at Monza i get my first win! Holy crap :D Now i'm keeping myself in the top 10 for most time.

    Anyway, more contracts dropped in over the next few races:

    Marussia & Caterham - wanted me as no1-driver. But nah.....I don't want to lower myself....
    Williams - wanted me as a 2nd driver. Well, i started my first career on my old profile with Williams. Fairly good car I would say.
    Sauber - Now, Sauber sent me an offer to renew my contract after my last race (India).

    My level at the moment is between 5-6, if i remember correctly. The higher the level, the better teams offer contracts, am i right?

    Do I dare wait for perhaps Lotus? What teams could pop up during my final 3 races? My big concern is that during my first season (on my first profile) i played on medium and was constantly winning, so after a while i got a deal from Ferrari. The lady in the mail (Sabine or whatever her name is) told me to think about it and get back to her. So i continued with Red Bull for one more race and when i get back to the mail, I see that Ferrari has withdrawn their offer!? Why does she tell me to take it easy and think about it and next thing contract withdrawn....

    Would appreciate some advice on this!

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  2. Hi, I'm in my second year career (always 100% races, full qualifying, so I'm not rushing to finish anytime soon).

    You're doing well, but that contract disappearing could be another bug, who knows. Since there are so many (not always game-breaking ones, but still), that one happened to me too earlier.

    My advice is, don't take it too seriously, have fun with what you can get. I'm with Red Bull for now, but I want to get a contract as first driver for Ferrari. I finished my first season as 2nd driver for them, and Red Bull offered me 2nd driver contract so I took it right away! ;)
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  3. If you win races in a Sauber, you'll dominate in a Lotus. I'd say, either stay in a Sauber, if you think you'll have a challenge winning the WDC next year or if you think you'll win it easily just switch to something slower. The Williams is slower, not sure if it's slower than Toro Rosso, but there's a possibility that it is. Marussia/Caterham will be way too slow for you. You'll end up having really boring races ahead of the other marussias/caterhams and behind all the other cars. If you want to give yourself a challenge, just go for the Williams. If you think you've got a challenge already - Sauber.

    That's my personal opinion. :D
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  4. Thank you both for your input!! :)

    Looks like im going to stay with sauber another season atleast!
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  5. I have a 1st-driver contract offer pending for Toro Rosso, and I'm watching if it will disappear or not. If not, I may take it for the next season, and hope to get a 1st-driver offer from the black-horse team before the end of it. :)
  6. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    there is usually some indication in the email offer of when the contract will expire isn't there? I remember that from the last game.
  7. I would go with williams, they tend to have better all round car than the sauber imo.
  8. Sorry, fellas! I signed a renewal with Sauber :)

  9. Mate thats a risky move, but I like it,

    Are you Equal Status in Sauber at the moment?
  10. @DiResta: No not yet. Im 2/5 in team challenge. Hulkenberg is still pretty good for me. New season just begun. Got pole, finished 7th.

  11. Ok well good luck mate, thats a big drop, you should try run a undercut pit strategy
  12. @Josh di Resta : Sorry for sounding noob. But how do you mean undercut strategy? Yesterday i actually won Malaysia, 14 secs ahead of Hamilton. 2 stops option/prime/option. It started raining so i changed to inters instead of primes and skipped final stop. And won grand :)
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  13. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Undercut can mean two things in racing. Mostly it's used for describing a pitstop strategy, but it can also be used to describe passing an opponent who has defended the inside line and has had to run wide on the exit. As a result, the passing car stays wide on the outside of the corner entry, lets the defending driver run deep and wide and sneaks up the inside on corner exit.

    When the term is used for Pitstop strategy it means to pit a few laps earlier than the car you are competing with, you get fresh tyres and as a result can set some quick laps while the other guy is still on worn tyres and should be a little slower. When that driver then finally pits he should come out behind you if you have utilized the fresh tyres correctly and didn't make any errors. It is a good strategy to try and use if you are racing closely with a car that you just can't seem to get by.
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  14. Basically what Karl said with the Pit stops, may be useful if you are fighting with a mercedes/mclaren at that stage, I tend to find it helps :p
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  15. Would appreciate some advice on this!

    season 1 i started on caterham, pro mode, sucked.. STR picked me up mid season and sauber at the end to start season 2. i won a couple races and RBR made an offer after hungary i think. i passed on it. got third in the drivers championship due to strong second half of season. merc made an offer for #1 so i took it. Really wanted ferarri though and thought i was on right track to get it, maybe this year...just starting season 3. oh yeah and caterham marrusia made offers and sauber offerred to renew for another year.
  16. To my knowledge, what teams offer contracts is based on your XP (the levelthingy after each race). I'm on 6-7 now. On my old profile (when i drove easy and medium) i was up to level 24-25 by the end of season 2, so i got offers from RBR and Ferrari.

  17. But how do i know when the other guy will pit (unless i hear it on the radio)? :)

  18. Thats the beauty of becoming a good racer! You can pay attention to the time splits, or visual differences between cars behind/infront.

    If you feel that the other drivers tires are starting to drop off, and you are catching them. Thats the best time to pit, the longer you can run their tires down whilst keeping yours allows you to build up a gap on fresh rubber
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  19. I changed from Torro Rosso to Sauber and won the last 5 races in my first season on pro difficulty and might switch to legandary now. I really want an offer from Lotus, i'm lvl 22 or something. Currently in Japan, when do you think i'll get an offer?
  20. Oh! At level 22 i would think that you are pretty close to an offer. When i played my first profile i reached level 26 and by that time i got midseason offers from Ferrari and Rbr!