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Career, Caterham and Melbourne: What can I expect?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by ptroinks, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I'm on my practice session at Melbourne with Caterham (PC), and as I'm running the game without any assists and with Legend AI, I'm struggling somewhat. For the life of me, I can't get my lap times below 1:33, and I'm wondering if this is just me not getting used to the physics and set-up "logic" of F1 2012 (vs. F1 2011), or if this is what I should be satisfied with. I know I can get a couple of tenths by adjusting my set-up, but I'm currently in 24th position, and I don't know if I can do any better...
  2. I have a similar problem, I can't get past about 1:32-33 as well. Do you have trouble on the turn 11-12 complex? I always see people going through there in 6th gear but I'm always down in 5th sometimes 4th, going really slow even compared to Intermediate AI. I simply can't make the turn at the speed of the AI due to understeer even with high downforce.

    I would accept any pointers as well, maybe a lap time video with commentary & advice?
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  3. 1:33? Well, that's pretty bad. You'll most likely finish last. But the car can go better for sure. I could finish on the podium on Legend with a Caterham. So, just practice more :p
  4. For 11-12 I would say stay well right then turn in and almost clip the bollard, if you have a good setup from there you can usually accelerate hard into and through 12
  5. I don't get it... In F1 2011 I had no problems being on the podium against Legend AI (I don't remember if I managed that at Melbourne, though :) ). Kristian, could you please post your setup for the Caterham in the setups forum?
  6. Kristian you are one of the Quick drivers in RD. you can manage a win in caterham at Some point
    But ptroinks you need to get used to Handling more Mate
    I was also Struggling with Force India In Professional to get into Top 5 in races.
    The Important thing for 12 is You must be patient, have a good setup which yield the results you want
  7. Honestly it is all about practice. I'm not a super quick driver, I can pull out a few pretty solid laps but I won't be winning any races in a Caterham on legend. I thought I was going well on 2011, crushing all in sight in a Williams first season.

    This time around it is a bit trickier but plenty of time and practice will help greatly, even just jumping into a race weekend and try out different set ups and learn the track, every single braking point and every turn in point etc.

    This time around you also need to be a lot smoother with all of your actions except throttle which since the rear is well planted regardless of set up you can be more aggressive with the throttle.
  8. My race at melbourne was great. Pace was 1:30 with my fastest lap 1:29.7. I finnished 4-th. I'm very quickly adaptable to game. Play with wheel, it't easier :)
  9. I am hitting 1.35's in my Tosso Rosso, but suffering with a lack of front end grip. Still tweaking the set up....
  10. And another Important thing is
    You Must have your Wheel Settings Perfectly Matches your Driving style
    I've been tweaking the Wheel Settings and in Bahrain I've just posted 1:34.750 in Practice on Option tires where as Previously i only made a 1:36 high in Q3 with RB8
  11. I do have the same problem but believe me, you can do better. At this time I can reach a lap time of 1:29:xxx in Melbourne in a Force India but I'm sure I could get a 1:27:xxx without playing around with the setup, just by breaking correctly and taking the turns better.
    For me the car feels better in 2012 than in 2011. This year the car seems to do what I expect.
    Good luck!
  12. Same here, not happy with it yet.
  13. Dude, wheel settings don't teach you to drive. I'm driving with 200 degrees and 0% linearity but I bet I can drive with 400 degrees and 50% linearity too with the same pace after 5-6 laps. Wheel settings do NOT matter that much. It's all in your head. You only THINK they matter. As for the Caterham setup, I'll post it in a minute.
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  14. You are right about Some People only Kristian But most of people can't unlock their True Potential with out getting their Wheel settings right once they get it they can run at any wheel settings
    It was just like gaining confidence or in other terms as you said THINKING MATTERS
  15. I think, it's all about adjusting. You all are trying to make the game feel like 2011, which is impossible. I mean, impossible with changing wheel settings. Of course, it's 5 mins work to make 2012 to 2011. But with wheel settings, you can just feel different. I mean, just adjust to it. For example say - I'll drive with 280 degrees and that's it. 280. No changes. No matter if you like it or not after 1 day - when you stick to it - you'll be at your best. Non stop settings changes means non stop driving style changes which definitely isn't good.

    And yea, thinking matters. But here, too much thinking is the problem. Because the lack of pace into many people is simply because they don't stick with the same settings and just adjust to the game, but they are adjust all the time to new settings and new game and totally new car feeling and etc which confuses everything. I needed like 10 laps so I can reach 1.14.4 on Germany. If I was changing my wheel settings after each lap, I wouldn't be able to do even a 15. :)

    Just try to stick with 1 settings that you like for 1 week and you'll see huge improvements. :)
  16. Yes dude i agree with you
    Finding right setup is important
  17. I do use a wheel. Wouldn't dream of playing any driving game with my keyboard.

    Thanks a lot for the setup, Kristian. I'll be testing it and I'll see how it goes.
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  18. my best time is 1:31.xxx with marussia at the last lap i use option tyre, no DRS, no KERS.
  19. I was thinking... okay, podium finish on Caterham is awesome, but since he have a good pace, on a 100% race the strategy could help a lot. But i was curious about the setup and i checked it, when i saw 1:27.2xx on Q3 then i thought: Hey THIS is awesome. Then i used your setup for a quick race with Caterham...
    Kristian, thanks man. Incredible setup, if i knew i could drive this fast with Caterham i would have started the carrer with them. I've managed to get to Q3 and got 10th place but with a lap 1:27.8xx. Real nice setup, it took me around 15-20 laps to adapt myself to the setup but when i got it... real nice, im looking forward for your setups from now on! :D
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