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Career car unlocks, how?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Jeffry in t Veld, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. So, i got a bit of a problem with the car career unlocks for some reason, in my first season, i could unlock the first upgrade perfectly, but for some reason from than on, i never were anymore. I access them on the day they are available on the calender, am i doing something wrong? (I am also driver nr 1 in my team.)
  2. Do you play full weekend, full practice and full qualifying?
  3. Nope, short weekend and 25% race because i don't have that much time on hands :p
  4. Usually the parts can be unlocked in free practice. If you don't do them..., well
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  5. Would have been nice if the game actually made me aware of that. :thumbsdown:
  6. Look at the symbol above the races on the schedule. Go through them all and look for the ones with gears above them. On those races during Free Practice you should be able to select "R&D Objective" from the Engineer menu. Like Hatsu said, If you don't complete them, no upgrade for you.
  7. You should play full weekend in 25% distance.
  8. I think its because im tired that i cant find it, but where is Free Practice? Cause i only get qualification in Career
  9. Go to Menu Career: Career--->Settings--->Race Settings--->Participation Level--->Long Weekend - Full Qualifying.
  10. I have set it to long weekend full qualifying, did a race where there is a upgrade icon above its date, but still nothing. Think its bugged. :(Maybe someone can mod it.
  11. Did you do the R&D evaluation test in practice? :whistling:
  12. Perhaps not eh? :roflmao:
  13. Tom

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    I guess his pirated version doesn't have that, who knows! :p