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Career AI have fully evolved cars or custom setups?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by David Kirk, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Just wondered if anyone else is finding this same issue with the new game. On f1 2012 I could play on legend mode using the default quick dry setup and all I needed to do was move brake bias back a bit and sometimes add some wing/lower gearbox for weather and that was it. Now Im finding I just cant compete using the default setup. To be fair it is just melbourne at the moment and having looked around the forum many ppl seem to be saying the AI are a bit over powered round melbourne but its still bloody annoying. Im driving lotus in career and if I run a 50% race at melbourne I find the top AI, particularly Hamilton, are lapping nearly a second a lap faster than me on the same tyre AND my options at the start which I got Pole position with using the default setup are dead by the end of lap 4 where as lewis then proceeds to drive an extra 2 full laps on his options AND sets the fastest laptime on the last lap. Surely a lotus following a merc at slightly slower lap times should not burn its tyres off BEFORE a Merc?

    After this happened twice I tried a quick grande prix using the 1 shot quali and wouldnt you know my car is now able to fully compete with the AI AND the AI are doing the same lap times as they are in the career race. This seems a massive error to me as codemasters say the AI cars are meant to be completely different in career than in grande prix where they are always fully evolved. In career I kept thinking "these guys are braking so stupidly late without locking and have mad traction" then in a quick race suddenly my braking and traction are on par. The last corner is the biggest give away to me as in career I find the rears just want to spin with barely any throttle yet the AI come round it full throttle no prob. Seb even drove clear round the outside of me in that corner lol. I tried it with the T/C turned on and i can then go flat round the whole corner and funnily enough the AI do exactly the same thing and follow me exactly. Im using an xbox controller and am fully aware that given a good wheel (g27) i could be noticeably faster and perhaps this wouldnt be as big an issue but I hate the idea that legend career is now a difficulty (on some tracks anyway) that is now reserved for those with wheels and super custom setups. Lets be honest I bet most the guys here who do there own setups could easily knock a second a lap off their race pace using a personal setup compared to the default quick car setup.

    Im kinda depressed at the thought of having to play on expert where I win by MILES. Someone has suggested that if I use the short weekend 1 shot quali option for my career then the AI cars are restricted to the default setups and go slower where as in a full weekend they are supposedly using there own faster setups. Im about to test this theory now :)
  2. Update: Well 1 shot quali career made little difference. Tyres lasted an extra lap for some reason but other than that lewis drove off over half a second a lap just as before and left me to fight Webber. Came 3rd after starting on pole. Starting to think maybe the lotus is just not meant to be a top tier car in career at this track. Kimi is always slower in the other car so Im not under performing lol.

    Still think its stupid that in quick grande prix the car is much faster and on par with the AI but in career the car is much slower and the AI are still as fast as in grande prix. Need an update :)
  3. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Quick gp is a fully updated car compared to career were you need R&D to get your car competitive. But your not imagining things AI are slower in GP mode on legend. I'm doing coop on legend and Vettel on his second lap at china nearly put in a qualy lap time 1.38.8 in a 50% distance race its ridiculous. In my own career I have resorted to expert difficulty. Tyre wear is tough starting off in career but updates will come for that.
  4. You know we have 5 years time to win the championship in career mode but i found most players expect to win it in the first year & they complain about the AI being too easy if they could, or too hard if they cant. So what should CM do ??
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  5. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Well I'm doing Coop on legend, that's only one season, it challenging especially in a Sauber and i'm not reaching my targets lol. I do expert in my career with lotus I can get pole handy enough but when the tyres hit the cliff I'm have a lot of pressure from AI and hitting my targets handy enough. Think I should have gone with a stronger team in Coop especially on legend... I'm only 3 races in to the season in both, so we'll see what happens:)

    I don't pay any attention thinking weather the AI are getting upgrades on their car or if they have a fully developed car, I just focus on what I have to do in the race. Sometimes you come away with no points sometimes you'll have an amazing racing and good battles in changeable weather conditions and still not meet your targets. But if you persevere you will become a better driver even on worn tyres and reading the changing weather conditions and calling strategies. If you are lucky to be in a league this all makes for good practice.
  6. Agreed.

    If players played realistically and only drove from cockpit and never restart a race or use flashbacks, imagine how hard they would find it then. That's what I do and I have very realistic career races and guess what? I never win hardly any races in my first season.

    Race and if you crash out, move on to the next grand prix. Have fun but be realistic. That's what I say.
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  7. I think that might be a good idea for me. Play on expert but turn the flashbacks off. I already use cockpit and everything else so wouldn't be too hard lol.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Also suggest using an "increased damage mod" for more realism. It certainly makes you respect the cars around you, truly punishes you for banging into cars and things.
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  9. I saw a strange thing is I can not overtake ai in expert because its seems like they are using my setup dont know more
  10. Funny enough, I do use that Mod. I have it set on medium (3) and I find it adds a bit more risk. Certainly makes me drive and race more carefully.

    You keep reading about players moaning that the AI is too slow, the game is too easy blah blah blah, but put them into a realistic mode and they are the first to leave a multiplayer game or to restart that career race when something goes wrong.
  11. Once again, couldn't agree more.
    Looks like we race the same way :)
    At first I tried setting damage on 4 (high) but I found my car would destroy itself if I hit a bollard, hehe. 3 is perfect for me. I almost had a belly laugh going last week when I read someone was using....wait for it...."infinite flashbacks" ! :roflmao: People need more than the 3 or 4 you can set in game ? Wow.... It feels good to have a "Clean Race".

    I've just completed Silverstone and i'm now starting to head my teammate, Hulkenberg, but it's still close each race. I have never gone this far in a Career but i'm loving this game !....didn't think I would but I am. I believe the secret is, keep it real. I haven't seen a single problem yet but no doubt there are bugs that effect some peeps and i'm sorry for that as they aren't getting the immersive experience that is possible. I hated 2012 but this is a cracker !
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  12. Nice one Bill. Great minds think alike. ;)

    Yes I have a good laugh when I see these top arcade racers asking for mods that give them more flashbacks, better Tcam driving views, easier long lasting tyres, no damage blah blah blah. You can imagine how much fun they must have bouncing off the barriers and walls at Monte Carlo. :roflmao::D But each to their own I suppose.

    Keep up the good and fair racing Bill. You are in a small and elite club of fair and realistic drivers on here. Nice to hear.

    Andy :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
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  13. Actually Bill, you have something. "Keep it real" Lets start a "Keep it real" campaign. No arcade wall bangers, no flashback kids, just real racers living it for real, racing for real and crashing out, retiring and failing to qualify for real. I like it. :):thumbsup:
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