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Carburetor Cup - Worth investing in?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by April Dillon, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I've had some fun racing the Legends cars, but I'm starting to become tempted to buy some more content and try some other series. How does the high speed oval racing at Daytona in the Impala compare to the small, slow ovals with the legends cars? Is it radically different, or will it be no surprises? Is it worth buying the car and tracks?
  2. IMO it is better to go for Trucks and few 1-1,5 mile ovals like Michigan, Texas, Las Vegas etc
    btw if you have D class >4.00 SR you can drive trucks in official series
  3. Do the Trucks get decent fields? I'm not primarily a Oval racer, but my stats and ratings are better on them. I'd like to drive something other than the Legend and Street Stock, but not something like the Sprint Car. The Trucks might be of interest to me unless you'd recommend something else.
  4. The trucks are the most popular non-rookie series.

    The Carburetor cup is unofficial, so no SR or iR is at stake, it's also a rookie series so the chance of being wrecked is quite high.
    In answer to the the thread title: No.
  5. Carb Cup is good for fun, i ran the daytona 500 and loved it aswell. Trying to work my way up to oval class a just for fun, i prefer road racing.

    Oval is good fun tho, ran the street stocks, currently running the late model trying to work up to the trucks :)

    I prefer longer tracks to the short ones, Daytona and Talledaga are amazing tracks !
  6. I agree with the others, I think I would invest my money into the truck series. After running the Carb Cup for awhile you will get bored and none of your good finishes will count for you.
  7. Cool. I fancy the trucks. Might get it with my Birthday gift vouchers along with the Stang, just for a change :good:.
  8. yep, trucks has usually about 80-120 racers splited by 20, races last about 1-1,5 hour depending on yellows, my favourite oval series so far
  9. Ok, thanks guys. I didn't realise it didn't count towards my SR.

    And right now, I'm on a rookie license, so taking part in the D class series isn't an option yet. Just trying to figure out what I want to move onto next, road and oval. Preferably without spending $100+ on tracks for one series, although it seems the only way around that is to spend a little bit more on tracks for more than one series. Gets the average down at least. :)