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Car tiers/team mate performance

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by dda, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. dda


    I read that the car strength is done in a tier system, teams 1-3, teams 4-6, teams 7-9 etc.

    Playing career mode on lotus, got 70 points (all mine) first season - was expecting the car to be better this season. It isnt. For some reason there are never any R&D objectives on practice anymore either so cant improve it that way.

    Also still the teams number 2 driver despite beating trulli in every race last season apart from one I crashed out in

    The only thing thats actually changed is that trulli is now magically 10 times better than he was last season whilst I cant even do as well as I did with the shitty first year lotus all of a sudden.

    Whats going on? Feel like smashing my xbox. Getting tempted to restart and play 3 lap races on easy until I get a drive with a good team, but I really wanted to do it properly.
  2. aceraspire4743


    the number 2 driver thing maybe (just a guess:p ) because of your answers to the press?
  3. Kevin Amankwah

    Kevin Amankwah

    A couple reports over at CM suggest that the teammate's car goes up a tier and/or gets KERS while yours does not. It only seems to happen with backmarker teams (HRT/Virgin/Lotus). They end up seconds faster than you a lap.
  4. Silver BENZ

    Silver BENZ

    Well, i'll tell you about my last two seasons with Mercedes in this game. No any aids, moving cockpitcam, 50% races, dynamic weather, AI on proffesional, SC on... KRES and DRS worked proper. First i was a champion, Michael had a half points of mine, but we had a constructors title too. Ross equalls us. Second season Michael was unnormal fast, but only he, we had so many double victories, but i finished about 20 secs later allmost ever... I had only three wins - Monaco, Barcelona and Canada and had 12 podiums, but "unnormal" teammate Michael got the title with about 100 points more... We got the constructors title again. It was just like a bug, becouse the other cars were just like in the first season... Dont know what to expect in my thyrd season in Mercedes...

    P.S. I dont use a mods, in my game have only RDD tyres inprooved graining visual and a custom livery for me - helmet and gloves...