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Misc CAR TAGS (Power to Weight) & (A0 - A15) 1.3

Car tags for all Kunos cars (1.9) (Sort by Power to Weight Ratio)

  1. Phoenix77 submitted a new resource:

    CAR TAGS (A1 - A15) - Replaces the UI car tags (.json files) for all Kunos cars

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  2. Cheesenium

    Premium Member

    Hi Phoenix77, may I know how do you calculate the PWR and the categorise the A tags? I like to add other mod cars to your tags.
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  3. Hi Cheesenium... The PWR is simply Weight (KG) ÷ Power (BHP)

    The A categories are a bit hit and miss... I have always kept my version of the Kunos A tags... until they dropped them, So I'm not sure how they categorised them... for newer cars I basically start with a very basic calculation of...

    100bhp-ish at around 1000kg = A1,
    200bhp-ish at around 1000kg = A2

    etc... Trying to take weight into consideration for example...
    if a car has 200bhp car but weighs 1600kg I would say that would probably be knocked down to an A1 tag...

    If a car has 200bhp and weighs, say 750 - 800kg then that might get knocked up to an A3 tag...

    Afterwards I would use a car from Kunos (PRE v1.5) around the time when I think they dropped them.. and run a race with them for 5 - 10 laps and see if any of the cars I've added A tags too can compete. (or get left behind)

    I can kind of see why Kunos dropped this tagging system... But I personally think they were better than the "small sportscar" tags etc.

    Power to Weight ratio works far better the straighter (or higher speed) a track is... When a cirucuit gets twistier... The drivetrain, chassis, downforce and tyres can make a big difference to competitiveness.

    I hope this is of some help, great idea if you're adding these tags to mod cars :) It's a real shame there hasn't been some standardisation on tags between Kunos & modders.

    A few other things...

    #A15 cars are drift cars...
    #A7 is around the Hypercar area of performance...

    as a rough guide #A5 is around about the PWR 3.0 area...

    oh and one final thing...

    I don't round up any PWR tags... So if a car has a PWR of 2.92 it gets put in the PWR 2.5 category.... In 0.5 increments :)

    Hope this helps you mate?
  4. mister dog

    mister dog
    Premium Member

    Thanks for this, very useful indeed as the normal tags serve more just to find a particular car. Not so much grouping them worthy of a race.