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Car SwapShop Thread

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. reinvigorating KS95's old thread from rsc will try to list my cars asap lets try to keep the community alive for new people just comming in so they have an idea of what is offerd as far as car downloads go
  2. Good idea!
    Posting a thumbnail picture and a link to where the car can be downloaded rather than a whole bunch of nonsense to make it easy to run thru the list would be beneficial.

    Perhaps uploading the car file to traciontesaras (sic) would be good, it has lots of cars/tracks.

  3. i do totally agree also we should pool together our own database of cars we have in our hdd's and such to fill any missing gaps in the availability of certain cars and or tracks and also the help any authors who may have have lost their wip data but that might be wishful thinking that last statement
  4. Thinking about this, yesterday I noticed this link on racer.nl: http://www.racerdownloads.com/ - did anyone know this existed? Seems like it's been there since before Christmas.
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Don't believe that was my thread on RSC..

    And yes Tib, I saw it before users/upload capability was put on.
  6. Cool.. uploading Small City 2k9 now. Thanks for telling :)
  7. I thought it was 2o6 that started the thread originally /shrug
  8. Wasn't him either.
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It was Fifty I believe, he started it off with some E30 variants iirc.

    Although he could be serious for once :O
  10. I'm here to upload cars and tracks to tracciontrasera.es that there aren't already in the site, also to try some models that i don't have!! :)
  11. Ah.. there you are.. been waiting.. I tried to upload Small City 2009 to traccion (or traction as I sometimes say... ) but it would not let me because it said that 7z was the wrong ext. and that I should use... 7z (!) If you can download it from Alge, and then upload it to tracti.. traccion.. I would be most grateful.. and hopefully others too..
  12. OH right it was you Fifty /facepalm sorry bookstore has been working me down to the bone it feels like, 10 hr days that start way earlier than I am used to waking up lol.
  13. I remember days of 16 hours on the road, and at the end, you couldn't just go to bed with your girl, you had to pay one for an hour, then spend the night in the wagon, knowing it'd be another two days before you got home. Change gear, change gear, murder a prostitute, change gear... The pay was alright though.

    I started it off by posting a screenshot of my cars and tracks folders, which accidentally ignited a fast-burning argument about how best to list the cars, either in screenshots, or by text, and so on. It ended up in a discussion about Windows vs Mac, I think.

    I had a browse through tracciontrasera today, and found about six cars and about four tracks that I didn't have, and I don't have much that's not on there. So I don't much see the point of putting my list up at the present time, since you can download just about everything I've got from that site.
  14. hmmm many apologizes my memory sometimes fails me 50o anyway i think the website idea is a good one but also i think it would be a good idea to list our cars here also for any that might be missing from the site we can make sure they are uploaded or available for download elsewhere also quick question Harey had a 1997 mustang in his screenshot and it seems he has lost all the files except for just the body.dof anyone know where it came from or who made it and more importantly where to find it ? i had been wondering myself and was trying to find it and any other 80's or 90's mustangs'
  15. I absolutely agree, even though my cars folder is "synchronised" with tracciontrasera, there's still a lot of old and rare content that for itself needs saving, and for others, might bring some enjoyment.

    A while back, I updated a couple of 60s & 70s Mustangs. Perhaps I should open a thread taking requests to update older cars for newer Racer versions...
  16. OK it's uploaded now and released to public. Sorry about that error, i will check whats happening with .7z archives!! :)
  17. true i myself am looking to work on a ford thunderbird LX i have access to the car its self and a free 3dmodel but no skills im also in the progress of trying to make some sounds for hareys slant six trademan i used sounds from that ford f1000 and replaced a few with some i had and a nice custom starter sound and git it sounding nice And used some random daewoo i had and made some sounds for the 318 fromthem and used dartmans charger for the base im also using the wheels from amgfans charger daytona lol and the wheelfrom the superbee got it looking pretty nice not exactly correct but is fun and sounds good can post a video of the results if you like
  18. thought id bring this back to life and see if anyone still likes the idea and maybe we can start seeing what old content people still have and begin learning what needs updating and what people dont have that they might be seeking
  19. I'm kinda greedy about my conversions but I have a bunch of other old cars, that could be shared, what I have is actually beyond me even. (last time I counted I was around 200 cars lol). But I, obviously don't have them all. lot of them probably just need the version put to 090 to work again, even more need CG shaders and such. Some are locked, some aren't.
  20. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Perhaps set up a public folder on MediaFire for cars willing to be shared.