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Car Skins

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. I recently finished making these car skins for my racing team. Since the new GSC update is about to release and there will be new car models, I will have to make new skins. I figured I would show off these skins now before I have to say goodbye to them. I've made alot of different skins, but I like these the most, but the next set of skins I make will probably be much different - and better. Anyway, here's a video of them:

    My XFire is suicidal8000, in case anybody is interested in joining my friends and I on Ventrilo when we practice.

    Oh, and if you like the Race Department background screen that I made, you are welcome to download and install it. It brings a little more life to the game. There are a few other files that go with it. I designed it to work best for 1920x1080 display setting since the original images that come with the game look stretched. As always, back up the files that you plan to replace. Simply extract the files to your UIData folder.

    Race Department Background for GSC: Download
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  2. Great work look's awesome:thumbsup:, do love that Green one:inlove:
  3. Very nice.:)
  4. Just in case it's been missed by anyone, templates for GSC2012 are available from the official site, http://game-stockcar.com.br/en/downloads.html :) The StockV8 template package includes a text file detailing how the different textures and genstring options work together, so they should be easily customisable.
  5. Thank you, I was just looking for them now. Perfect timing.
  6. Great Looking Skins. One quick question. How did you change the rim color to black. Is it in the mas file?
    Any help would be appreciated.