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Car Skins

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Sooty1977, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all i kinda stumbled accros the fsr league the other day and and must say its one great looking mod and seires you guys have got going.I just have one question tho i used the simsync pro to install the 2001 season mod but i seem to have lots of cars with no car skins on them as they are all black, so was wondering do i have to dload the 2010 season pack aswell to get the skins that are not been seen.One strange thing i did notice is that i could see the skins that are normally black in a replay of the spa race you guys had.
    Any help would be most appreciated and i will be keeping my on the series and races to try and gane some tips for my slow ass.
  2. the ones that are black (like the ghostspeed i think) use the upgrades to the cars if you mean the 2011 mod
  3. Thx Chris that did it :wink:
  4. GhostSpeed wasn't one of them though Chris. :p

    That problem was only with the ones with Red Bull shape.
  5. lol sorry pedro i couldnt remember wich it was an gs came to mind first :p
  6. Hehe no prob. :p