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Car.shd Help anyone?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I would like to remove the shininess away from the wheels off cars when i convert from GTA SA but i just don't know how to do it?

    Can someone help me. also picture tutorial would be great!
  2. Hm , Can you show a picture ?
  3. If you use vf_standard in car.shd instead of vf_reflect, you don't get reflections. Might also try specular=0 0 0 if necessary to get rid of more shininess.
  4. just take a look at that rolls royce :p im sorry but i didnt understand that (the one about the rolls royce)

    stereo il try yours
  5. MAJOR EDIT: I just had to rename the shd tga to the tga of my converted car for example my car

    EVEN BIGGER EDIT: I changed the name and it still is shiny also i change the specular thing to 0 0 0 0 and still shiny
  6. do the material names in the dofs (check with racer modeler.exe) match the shader names?
  7. just a question, i cant get my window to be transparent..suggestions??
  8. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hello, i'm sorry to ask, but is it realy a problem to take a look, for the first basic steps, in a existing car? The lambo for example....
    It's not hard to find the glass texture and the shader part for it...there you see how it works...realy^^
  9. lol ammods, Boomer has an excellent tutorial is in the downloads section, go check it out
  10. i would but it's not there, got a direct link??
  11. yeah but the tutorial from boomer isnt there...thats my point..think you should learn to read a bit better perhaps...
  12. Ammonds,
    My "Build a car in Blender" Tutorial IS in the link posted by Alex. Please clean your glasses.

    There isn't a lot of info about shaders in it but it might help.
  13. ammods that is quite offensive, keep this forum clear of any pathways to flame or rage

    Thank You

    Also its called 'Build a car in Blender'
  14. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

  15. ok whatever...i wasnt "having a go" i dont things like that...and fyi boomer i dont need glasses lol, the only glass i like to look at is the bottom of a beer glass LOL,..as for your tutorial..that was what i was looking for...obviously a communication breakdown...all the best everyone
  16. Ok you are forgiven. My tut doesn't have any cg shaders info in it, only the old shaders. To find shaders get a good car like Tibs Jaguar, one that has cg shaders and use them as a guide for your work.
  17. i've tried, to copy over the data from another shader, and it makes the car look dark, and i still cant work out the glass alpha channels, given up on it for now
  18. The glass alpha channels indicate that the glass image is a .tga image with an alpha channel (mask). copy a glass image from another car.
  19. nah not possible, because my car is a "race" version and anything else would be a waste of time...