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Car Setups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Fahad Gaffoor, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just for the fun of it.. i thought i make it easier for ppl to find setups and save their setups too..
    so i just created a site www.valuecube.co.cc
    if you think its fine, please keep adding ur setups..



    1. You can now track what AIDS used, Platform, Controller used
    2. Game Mode (either TT or Career)
    3. Search Option (can search by cars, gamer id or default)
    4. You now have to be registered to save setups
    5. Public access to view setups
    6. Download Section added (Downloads available to only registered member)
    7. Search Now is based on Popularity/Votes
    8. Only Registered Members can Vote for each Setup
    9. Validation Added
    10. Details of setup now has a very interactive Circuit Guide along with the real Circuit information

    Future Updates :
    1. Registered Members will be able to edit their own setups
    2. Please comment and let me know the changes that can be made

  2. maybe post this in the car setup thread
  3. i think this site is a good idea, great work mate
  4. thanks dude...
    I just came up with the idea.. so i thought of putting something up initially.. and i will keep developing it further..
  5. nice nice . but the fastest lap on the top pls
  6. alright noted.. will do it ..
  7. the record in the circuit of Spa?
  8. Great link! thanx :)
  9. is there anywhere a document to download with all the setups of F1 2010?
  10. awesome, bookmarked.
  11. stw


    Nice mate!
  12. thx guy...
  13. Thx, great
  14. Thanks for the link!
  15. cool website
  16. OGK


    ill bookmark it :)
  17. Thanks, great link !
  18. tjanks
  19. great, thanks.

    Would be nice to have TT mode/career mode attached to each setup and what season it is if its career. Would also be nice to search for setups by car as well as circuit and weather.

    Fantastic stuff though :)
  20. great work , thanks!