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Car Setups & Setup Manager

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Pete Mull, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I promised that I'd post back when I'd had chance to look at the options available for Setup Manager. Well, I've looked at the plugin on RBR and I can't see what it has to offer above setting the ingame car setups. There is supposed to be a new release in the new release that's due later this month, so something might change there.

    As far as I can see, the best way to managed car setups is in the ingame setup options and then if you want to copy that setup to another car then it can be done by using windows explorer or one of the alternatives such as Qmmander.

    It would be good if one of the developers could create a car setup page with all the settings in drop down boxes so that you could do the whole setup without having to hop in and out of the various settings to finalize what you require.

    If anyone wants any help with setups for an individual car then I suggest that the post here to find a member willing to share setups with them.

    I'm happy to help with what limited knowledge I have about setting up 'modern' rally cars. :confused:

  2. If anyone is interested in vehicle dynamics and the black art of setting up cars I have what many consider to be the bible of car setup and it is a very comprehensive tome called Tune to Win by Caroll Smith.

    While being very detailed it also covers most topics in brief initially and can help anyone who wants to learn how to make their own setups and learn what each change does to the car and how they affects each other.

    You can grab it HERE

    Cheers Al
  3. There is also this Bump & Rebound post from this forum.

    I'll keep posting reading information on this matter as I find it on the web.

  4. Ah this is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing guys, too bad this is some heavy stuff that will take me some time to understand completely :S
  5. I agree with you, some of it is quite heavy - I'm looking at the possibility of creating an Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to see all the fields on one page and hop between them to fine tune the values - one of the problems is that there are limits on some of the fields that prevent you from changing values that have a fixed maximum in the individual car setups.

    I think I can cope with these but have to do some testing first to see if my ideas will work in practice.

    I would be good to have some more basic facts similar to what is in the Bump and Rebound post.

  6. Id love to get help with setting up a FWD car.
    The settings are somewhat limited on those cars compared to the WRC cars :S
  7. Hi Daniel,
    I think I have a base FWD setup that you could work from and develop to your own liking, I'll find it on my games machine and PM you with the information along with the other information I promised.

  8. That would be awesome Pete =) Im currently testing out some different settings, but yeah my consistency isn't that great so the times are more or less random :p heh
    But atleast ive done something right now, my car is alot smoother on the road, it doesen't fly all over the place on snow and the jumps are alot better, no re-bounce after the jumps.

  9. This is great to see people starting to share info with other members here, especially regarding setups which seem to be a bit of a black art in Rally Cars.
    What I'd love to see is for us to have a setup sharing / info section in this Forum where info / setups can be posted publically for the possible benefit to all members.
    This has been done in other Simracing Forums here (GTL and Race Series), and would be a great addition to our Rally Club.
  10. totaly agree m8, its about time the RBR community had a setup section. sharing setups and helping others is what helped the GTL Club (now the Historic Racing Club) become what it is today.

    The RBR Club is a great place to drive with dedicated and passionate staff, now its time for the licensed members to give something back :D

    I`m more than happy to share my setups and edited pacenotes.
  11. I fully agree with you Warren, it's a shame that more members haven't shown much interest in this thread.

    If more members express an interest in sharing setups and pacenotes then I have no problem in posting them openly - it just needs people to show a little enthusiasm !!

    If there is no interest shown then I will copy my setups and notes to one of the media sharing sites and send the link to those who have contributed to this thread :D

  12. As a temporary measure, I have made this a Sticky Thread to keep it prominent.

    I'll ask the RD Admins if we can have a formal Richard Burns Rally Setup sub-forum to allow people to post / share setups and general setup info - Something similar to what exists for GTL, Race series, and rFactor.
    I'll then have a think about the best way to catagorise them (eg. by car / stage/ weather/ surface). Let me know if you have any better ideas.

    However, as already said, this will only work effectively if drivers are prepared to share their setups. I suspect that some drivers are reluctant to share information that may help their competitors, but the end result is that everybody benefits by having a better standard of competition, novices learn much faster, and the community grows and becomes more friendly. I've seen it work very well in GTL and Race Series, especially when the experienced / top drivers show the lead.

    All members are asked to contribute by sharing setups (or as Pete says, even showing interest), please don't hold back just because you think you are not experienced enough. Often, an alien's setup wont work for an average driver, but your setup might just be good for another driver.

    Hopefully we can have this in place in a couple of days, then the ball needs to be kicked by our Club Members. :yin-yang:
  13. please delete, posted in correct section.
  14. please delete, posted in correct section.
  15. I've never tried editing the setups much, bad user interface, and I don't have a clue what I'm doing, LOL.

    Wish competent people here could throw together a simple setup guide, like for the Race series, but adapted for rallying. Increase this to do that, on this surface. Don't do that on these surfaces, because of this and that.
  16. Nigel has done most of the work on setups - will speak with him and see if we can put together a short tutorial of the basics that you need to know. :D

  17. Wow, I wake up this morning and Bram has already given us the new Setup Sub-Forum, and Nigel has started adding setups. :thanks::thumb:

    However, I think we need a small tutorial to cover how to manage these .lsp files so people know where to find them, where to save them, and how to name them so that they show up In-Game.

    We also need a standardised format for posting specific car setups, to keep things neat and tidy. :wink:

    I'll try to get something done in the next day or so. :coffee:
  18. Thanks Warren :)
  19. I would post my setups, but cos I have done them with just guess work, I would be simply tooo embarassed lol. I kind of see setups as a personal challenge to get right.

    (Anywhoooo Im off to the local vehicle test centre to see if my wee mk2 escort passes. I put a quick ratio steering rack on her and set the track rod ends by eye, should be a fun drive down there lol)