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car not moving issue

Discussion in 'WRC 5 The Game' started by MikieC, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. So ya, car goes into gear, revs, but doesnt move. TM TX wheel TH8RS, GTX 675m laptop
    just updated TX firmware, still has same problem - weird thing, text is missing in TM profiler - button tabs with no text haha. good thing I know what they are :)

    Any help would be great thanks

  2. If you chose simulation as a difficulty, it will force you to change gears manually.
  3. thanks for responding. The gears change and engine revs, but car just sits there. Ive changed every setting i can find. Think game is just broken for now. Usually this is frustrating, but i kinda expected this :) Oh well, off to awesome Dirt Rally with the Fabulous modded FFB.
  4. Sorry bud i know its horrible.