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Car Mods stopped working.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by NervusTwitch, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Ok for some time now I have been racing with the Vintage Assetto Corsa Cars( Trans Am Series Cars) and well I loaded the game and now they are not working. Only ones I can get working is the 1970 AAR Cuda and Ford Fairlane.

    Anyone know how to fix this issue,or are these cars now dead?
  2. If the data files aren't locked for the car, open the mod's Data folder where this car is installed, and in aero.ini delete what's in the [data] section of this file. Then is possible the car sounds won't work if they weren't updated, but search for assetto corsa sound fix, but in its turn is possible this will break the sound for some official and mod cars in the game.
    Either way, doing the aero ini thing should make the car load in game at least.
  3. hi guys,
    i have problem with mazda miata not loading,
    and there is no [data] section in aero.ini file,
    any other suggestions? :)

    ok nvm, it has been reported in the cars mod page.
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  4. I am kinda new to using mods in AC but if I did what you have said right of which I found it on youtube before I posted here,it didnt work.

    All I left in the .ini was this info and deleted the rest.


    Is this correct? Or did I completely misunderstand and screw it up?

    Thx for the help. I really liked racing the vintage Trans Am series cars together.
  5. Sorry to revive an ancient post but I just got back into AC and I've tried everything to get cars to run.
    Clean install, working track. Vintage TA and Shelby Cobra are two cars I can't get working. altered .ini to no avail....any other suggestions? Is there a trace log in this game to see what is erroring out?
  6. Log is in your user folder\(my) Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs, log.txt is the one that'll usually show loading errors.
  7. Ok me again. Sorry a NOOB at AC! Got the Cobra working by editing the aero.ini file as described. Still can't get the damn TA cars in the Vintage Mod to work. Log files are no help. Did a clean install of mod (1.5) and the fix I found here to no avail. Is there anything else I should be looking for? Any help is appreciated!!!!!
  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    Have you tried the new TA mod?

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  9. I did! Runs great. Thank you!
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  10. Someone know how to deactivate the autoclutch with these cars? Dont know why but somehow i have it enable on these cars
  11. In the "Realism" options click on the circle next to Automatic Clutch so that it isn't filled with the color red. Then you may press the Start Engine button.
  12. it is disabled. Only with this mod i can shift without Clutch. On Every other car i have to manage the rpm to shift without clutch if i want to. At this mod it works all the time