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Car Limit - How many cars can i have on track at once?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by GinjaNinja56, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just a quick question regarding the Formula V10 specifically but it'll probably be a general query; is there any way to change the maximum amount of cars on track at once per car category? I have 3 or 4 extra Formula V10 teams I would like on track at the same time as the stock ones (which I dont want to replace). Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Ginge :)
  2. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Member Premium Member

    Go in the "Series" folder and edit the srs file corresponding to the car you want to change; for V10, it is REIZA10.srs Open it with Notepad and look for the line Max Opponents = and change the number.
    Be aware of two things:
    - editing this file will cause mismatch online
    - if you exceed the capacity of a track, it can cause problem in the pits... You can check the maximum spots of a track by going in its folder (GameDate > Location > Trackname > track variant) and open its .gdb file (again with Notepad): the line Max Vehicles = indicates the number you should not exceed.
    Long explanation but it is pretty easy to make! :D

    A quick alternative in game is to select an another serie that can handle more cars (Stock V8 can be 33), increase the number of opponents and go back to the V10: it will keep the number you set... ;)
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  3. Thank you very much!