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Car Improvment

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jay Jones, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Do the cars actually improve from season to season. Because i started in Lotus. Qualified 18th - 19th respectively every race along wi Trulli, and Williams qualified 15th - 16th. I switched to Williams in season 2, and now Rubens quali is 20th, and i just scrape Q2, and the Lotus, Heikki and Jarno, quali Q2 easily, and im like, WTF. :) Enlighten Me Please.
  2. Car improvement is related to where you finish in the race, not qualification results. I'm going to guess you placed ahead of the Williams cars over the season. Because of this, Lotus improved more compared to Williams. Since Williams was behind you, they didn't improve as much. That, or maybe they have improved but the car doesn't match your driving style (I ran into that problem after signing for Ferrari in F12010.) I'm sure someone has a spreadsheet somewhere that can detail this, I'm only going off what I've observed.
  3. got around 7 points for Lotus and Williams only got 5. But i love the cars handling more than Lotus. I plan to hit 60 points this season. Doubtit tho having only got 2 from 3 races