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Car improvement

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ricardo Fonseca, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    I have a doubt regarding the improvement of a car. It´s not about the improvement in a season but about the improvement through years. For example, if i get a good constructores result in my first season with lotus...the car will be stronger for 2nd Season? Or will it be the same? Thanks
  2. each performs differently.. and yes obviously a renault will be better than lotus in career mode.. but get your hopes too high.. your r&d updates dont carry forward to the next season..
  3. so...let´s imagine that i get a 5th place in constructores in the first season. In the second season my lotus will continue to be one of the worst 3 cars?
  4. as far as i know. it doesn't carry forward to the next year..
    atleast for me it didnt
  5. damn...i was hopping that even with the R&D not carring forward to the next year the car would be more competetive. Well...thanks anyway!
  6. but if you are the no.1 driver of team.. you can select the RnD path
  7. I know. My teory was if i got a good place my car would be stronger season by season, eventhoug with the R&D reset. For example in the first season lotus is one of the three worst cars but with a good result, in the second season it could be at the level of a Toro Rosso for example (considering the R&D reset). Its a shame,i would like to win the drivers and team championship with lotus! This playing at expert mode
  8. david says they do if you stay at same team you just dont see them as your on a high tier of upgrades.
  9. Hmm, my friend explicitly told me that he likes to stay with his team in year 2 so he has the existing upgrades... lol... no?
  10. Someone post in CM forums that every team have 5 tiers and they move by these tiers according the WCC in the previous season.
    I even saw a chart with the tiers and every car data, but can't find the post :frown:

    Edit: I found it, this is the chart

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  11. xelotfs and Jason are right, the base car improves over the years if you surpass your objectives/WCC standing. One of the developers, T4RG4, said this on the official forums a while back.
  12. Nice!!! Thanks. I will make Lotus a top team! I just have to master traction controlo...lol. I´m ending my first carrer with TC in low (or medium).
  13. That information is correct yes they do as I said carry over IF you stay with the same team, they just clear the field's for next season's upgrades and if you stick with the same team yes they get stronger but whether or not they will contend with the big boy's I do not know.
  14. I like challenges! :)
  15. Ah crap, I'm with RBR for 3 seasons now... Maybe I should go to Virgin next season. I have the Orange Arrows livery on them, should be interesting..