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Car doing crazy things on certain terrain (Roy Hesketh)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Paul Minnaar, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hi chaps. as mentioned in my WIP, I have one or two hassles I need help with.

    This is one of them......

    When driving onto this grass, no matter how fast or slow, the screen goes blank and the car feels like it does when it goes off map into the sky, but this flips violently.

    I was wondering if maybe my terrain is wrong, but I find nothing wrong with it.

    Here are two screenies. One showing the shape and the other the material - and they look different, could this be the cause ?

    EDIT: Just realised I dont have the screen shots with me - will post tomorrow.
  2. Is the terrain set to 'driveable'? Are the values set in the .tdf file the same as they are in other tracks?
  3. Notice the shape of the vectors in the 'Shape' option are different to the 'material' ones........ could this be the issue?
    When driving on this particular area, the car spins into the air uncontrollably, having to sometimes reboot the game its so severe.


    Problem Shape

    Problem Material
    PROBLEM texture.jpg
  4. Sounds like your mesh is collidable but not drivable.

    I can trigger this by creating a new project and making a straight road, adding an sobject like a fence (wooden fence or something of the likes with a few rectangular prism meshes) crossing that straight road somewhere (not too far from the start).
    Then making it collidable and a wall material like cmwl > export.
    Then load the track and drive flat out into the fence, you should get stuck and the game will go into freeze frame leaving you with only the option to go into task manager to kill it.

    To fix it, go back to btb and make the fence drivable > export, load it up and drive flat out into it, you should bounce off it.
  5. There's always a difference in how the program shows polygons in those two modes, but the only time I've seen such a marked difference is when I've modified the track (node/surface locations) after the terrain has been placed. The terrain attaches to the track at specific points which then get moved, wheres the remaining anchors stay in place.

    This is my track, which doesn't have any terrain issues (ignore the two longitudinal lines in the second pic - my track is offset from the centre):

    Attached Files:

  6. Well, I tried selecting all meshes, they were all drivable and not collidable, so correct - nothing changed in game.
    Deleted all meshes and drew new ones - still having problem.

    Noticed that when putting new terrain in, with the click & drag option, the terrain appears some meters down the track and not at the point you want it to start - seems the anchor nodes have moved on the track and there is nothing I can do about it - I'm almost positive this is the problem. ? What to do ?
  7. The anchors really have nothing to do with the mesh, afaik they are just how btb processes them. But to be sure and to see how it is in game, open it up in simed and switch to wireframe view.

    Something else, it could be the grass is set to collidable. the grass as in plants you have alongside the track.
  8. Checked all grass components, no collide on. This is making me mad. Can we upload the project files here so you guys can open it?
  9. If you export the files to make a driveable track and then change the track's grass terrain files manually, (copied from other tracks tdf files) does it work ok then?
  10. Just upload the track itself no need for the project files. Host it on something like filefront or megaupload so you can remove it later.
  11. Will do chaps. I appreciate the help. There is no way the track can be used for release I hope.

    I'll upload shortly.
  12. Fixed this issue with a work around. Flattened a wall over the terrain and set it to 'driveable' and 'not render' - works great.
  13. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I suppose that's always an option. :p
  14. Somehow this song suddenly seems appropriate...! ;)

  15. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I honestly thought you were going to Rick Roll me just then!! :)
  16. My jubilation is short lived.

    It worked for a while, now I see it's still doing this. When looking at the replay of the incedent, just before the car launches into the unknown, I see these 'Spline' types lines in the sky. Don't know where they are coming from, but they look something like this.

    I recreated what they look like in Photoshop, so you get an idea. Now I'm not happy again.
    PROBLEM splines.jpg
  17. This problem is fast making me lose my sense of humour :)

    I tried almost everything possible to rectify this. I removed the terrain connected to the track and put a wall in to drive on instead - still happens. I removed all grass objects and an SObject that was going across the track (removal completely takes property settings out the way) - still happens. I moved the material track anchors around - still happens.

    So in my mind, its not material, object, shape, or properties that is causing this and I'm running out of options. Need to upload the track so you guys can see for yourself.

  18. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I think this may be your best bet Paul
  19. Right. Deleted all objects, walls, SObjects etc. So left with a bare bones track with terrain.

    I drove along the grass up and down and all went well, no shooting into the ground below or up in the sky.

    So i'll have to find an errant object or or something there. Can't see in model, so i'll just click through them until I find the misbehaving piece.
  20. Found the blasted problem, Damn it.

    It is my Dunlop bridge I built. For some reason it was causing the hassle. I removed it, reexported and I can drive on the grass to my hearts content.

    What I do not understand, is that I am nowhere near the bridge when this happens, about 30 meters away.

    It does sit under the terrain a bit and I did have to stretch it up and rotate it to get it to look right.

    I'll work on the bridge model so that I do not have to do these things to it when bringing it into the project.

    I've lost a week of building because this thing took up my time grrrrrrrrrr.

    At least I see the light :)

    On second thoughts, I may just leave it but remove the collide option on it and then put some non render walls inside it that collide. Will let know on progress