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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. This will be the order and days to make a decision on the cars to use next season:


    Every day each team will post his decision about the car to use next seasson. If a team makes the decision late, the next team will have right to decide same time if his day comes.

    Remember no car can be repeated in the grid, so if the team before yours picks the M3, you canĀ“t pick that car too.

    Please, post your decision using next format:


    1.- AnE/Degen RAcing - SEAT CUPRA GT
    2.- Flat Out Club - VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO 24HGT
    4.- Blue Flag Racing- BMW E92 M3 GTR
    5.- The Black Rebels - CORVETTE C6R
    6.- Black Visor Motorsports - ULTIMA GTR
    7.- Project D - SALEEN MUSTANG SE
    8.- Danielsson Motrports Virtual II - BMW Z4 GT
    9.- Flat Out Racing - GILLETE VERTIGO
    10.- Roaring Pipes Maniacs - MARCOS MARCORELLY GTS
    11.- Danielsson Motorsports Virtual - FORD GT
    12.- DHR Simcraft - PORSCHE 997 RSR GT3
    13.- Corse Racing - MOSLER MT900R
  2. Guys, STAY TUNNED! Car decision days starts next Monday.
  3. ANE/DEGEN RACING to choose today!
  4. Believe it of not, we are STILL arguing on which car we want. We are however only debating two cars. We will post the choice tonight.
  5. You have until 24:00 CET.

  6. Well, we have our decision. It was a long and hard process leading to me selecting a driver at random and asking him to cast the deciding vote on our tie for cars, else I would break out the stick of learning/pain.
    We were tied between the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Seat Cupra GT. The vote has come in and we at AnE/Degan Racing will be racing in ...............

    The Seat Cupra GT
  7. Thanks Michael. :)

    FlatOut Club your turn starts at 00:00 CET tonight.
  8. The votes have been counted and varified, the STC Blue Cup 2010 Flatout Club Car will be: VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO 24HGT
  9. Thanks Mike, it is DHR Apex time to decide.
  10. TEAM: DHR Apex (formerly known as DHR Fanatec)

    CAR MODEL: Aston Martin DBRS9
  11. Thanks Miko, it is time to Blue Flag Racing to decide, but you have to wait one day to post your decision.

    From Thursday 00:00 to 24:00.
  12. After all teammates of BFR had made hundreds of testlaps with all cars and considering cars already chosen, we are pronouncing our choice!

    TEAM: Blue Flag Racing

  13. Thanks Roman.

    OK it is time to The Black Rebels to decide. Ivo your turn. :)

    Remember from 00:00 to 24:00 tomorrow.
  14. It was exciting to watch what the guys in front of us would take.
    Be we still end up with 1 of the top 3 cars we voted for, so we are happy :). The car for next season is....

    TEAM: The Black Rebels
    CAR MODEL: Corvette C6
  15. TEAM: Black Visor Motorsport
    CAR MODEL:Ultima GTR
  16. :):p

    `Now reflects Project D car choice
  17. After this stressful week, that's our turn ! :)

    TEAM: Project-D
    CAR MODEL:Saleen Mustang

  18. List is Updated again

    Danilesson Motorsports Virtual 2 turn now
  19. Thx david :biggrin:
  20. TEAM: Danielsson Motorsport Virtual II
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