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car cameras

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tomas Torasen, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. How do I remove some of the car cameras? Like bumper and chase. I'm watching some replays and it's annoying that it switches to some of those that remind of the view arcade games use. The rest of the sim looks so great now and recording a replay while at F2 that switches automatically, it almost looks like a tv production of a real race, until it comes to one of those nfs shift-cameras.
  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    In real life there are cars and series that indeed have cameras in the bumpers ;)
  3. how about one that follows the car from behind statically?

    I found this random_camera.ini.. I wonder which one is w





  4. If you press F2 or F3, one of them is for random cameras. All several views will cycle. You don't need to delete, just hit the right F key, or use the replay navigator at the bottom, where you can select which camera you like, and only uses that one without auto cycling through more views.
  5. Yes, F2 cycles through all of them which includes a couple I want to exclude. If I change cameras it will show a text at the upper part of the screen, if I cycle through the replay menu it will show up in the replay also.
  6. I would think DRIVABLE and CAR are F1 non-cockpit and F6, but I don't know for certain (just set them to 0 to test) I know on the mods I've released F6 is located where the real car has cameras during races.
  7. They probably are sorted in that fashion. It seems cockpit are the F1 and F6 ones combined. Problem is that it is too wide and basically all cameras are included there, except track.
    It's quite a useful ini file for people if kunos implemented a few more rows so we could choose specific cameras.
    The helicopter cam was probably experimented with but it does not work if you try to activate it.
  8. rocafella1978


    question to AC pros:
    is there a interior "gopro"/ wider cockpit view/ middle/ center of cockpit/ a bit further back? type of camera setting for replays?
  9. Cycle through the ones using "F6" key. It's not that many, many mods dont even have them set so they are by default in a wierd angle facing like the pedals or something even less interesting.

    The answer I found was that you cant change onboard cameras linked to the F6 key, they are defined through the game files of the car, which I have no idea how to open up. And honestly it's just too complicated.

    I would love if kunos implemented support to change and re-save every camera in the game. Like the cockpit one, but similar for every one.
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  10. I too, would like the option to remove permanently the 'chase' camera.
    I never use it and think it looks silly watching the car 'wobble' from behind.
    Hopefully somebody can come up with a solution to identify these cameras in the cam file.
  11. Is there an editable camera file?