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capri rs x 1.10

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mick-S, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. downloaded the capri rs x 1.10
    o.k so I need the world championship 1975 3.20 mod
    got that
    now it says I need the GTL game ?
    any way of getting round this as I don`t have GTL
    tried another mod DRM that didn`t work
    any help much appreciated.
    newbie to rfactor by the way.
  2. Magnus Dahlgren

    Magnus Dahlgren
    Premium Member

    No because the mod would be rendered 'illegal' if you wouldnt need the GTL-disc as almost all of the contents in the mod are from GTL.
    Whats the problem with the DRM Revival mod?
  3. o.k thanks
    DRM revival mod: just couldn`t get it to work, will give it another shot
    as you can probably tell, new to rfactor, but will get there eventually.