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Cant see no cars.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Darren Gardner, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Why is it that when i go onto that nords track on gtr evo, i cannot see any cars but any other track is fine?.

    Dell quad core gaming pc
    8 gb ram
    windows vista
    500 gb hard drive
    2x 8800 graphic cards

    I just dont understand, would it be down to my internet connection??

    Please help
  2. Hi Darren

    can you post a picture of the current situation that you are facing?
    is it online only?.....or also when you race offline?
  3. When i am offline it works fine, but when i am online thats when it happens but any other track online is fine?

  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Maybe tweak the option "draw distance" and set it to very far. The distances can be huge on Nords. Maybe that is the reason?
  5. Darren i know you had probs last night with the download of evo. Sounds like it could be a corrupt installation of Evo as it only happens on Nords, but hey i could /prob am wrong. As the last resort i would do a complete fresh install of Race 07 and Evo. However i would try and nail down the issue before going that far, try tweaking some of the video options (are you still using triple SLI?)

    I had that prob the other week on Porto race 1, no cars appeared at the start on the Grid, one and only time thats happened and race 2 was fine.

    Hoep you get it sorted soon m8
  6. done what bram said and it did work, but i will also reinstall the game tomorrow thanks for advice all
  7. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren

    Had this exact same problem last night. Could see other cars during practice and quali but as soon as the race started there was about 3 cars on the grid out of 22 but then they all disappeared. Any ideas?
  8. i had somthing similar.When i wanted to drive on Nurb gp i was seeing all the cars except mine-i could drive an invisible car -really.This happend to me twice on public server.
  9. Forgot the solution to this problem, but there is... ...I hope I remember later on though
  10. Isnt this a bug? Happened to me last night practice and qualy is ok but as soon as you go to race there are no cars on track at all.
  11. Someone on public serwer told me that using one of keys that you use for custom camera might help - or + on numeric keybord(i dont know how it is in english) but stll didnt try this myself yet...
  12. If you press + and - together on the num pad, that usually works for me :D
  13. Yup that must be it >D