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Can't run SCE after updating to Nvidia 350.12

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by JoelGL, May 18, 2015.

  1. Has anyone encountered this problem? I get the error 'no directx 9.0c video adapters found nvidia 350.12' when running the game or config. I also have DX9 enabled in config due to the flickering shadows, which @reiza studios recommended a while back. Or if resetting this dx9 setting should address this, how do I reset it? Thanks.

    PS. I already run gsc sync. Run dxdiag too and got no errors, and DirectX Features under Display are all enabled.
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  2. Gringo

    Premium Member


    I have been using 350.12 for a few weeks now with no issue. I would say this driver is better for me on my 970 than previous versions.

    One thing that did trip me up thou... I am using a patcher to enable "lod clamping" to improve jaggy lines and therefor I had left an old driver file (nvd3dum.dll) in my GSCE game folder.

    When I upgraded to the new nvidia 350.12 the game would not launch with the "no video adapter" error. Until I realized what I had done to myself :O_o:
  3. EDIT: Thanks @Gringo, appears nv3dum.dll was the culprit. So it no longer works w/ the latest version, perhaps it's no longer needed.
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  4. Gringo

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    Cool good you got sorted.

    I am still using the "clamp lod" patcher with the new v350.12 drivers