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Can't open project problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by db3e7b82, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I added a bunch of tyre walls to a track then saved and exited BTB. Now when I try to reopen the project I get an unhandled exception error:

    "Can't find material default\Materials\Objects\Wall\Tire\White1_Side."

    I've checked the \My Projects\Default\XPacks\Default.zip and it does contain the exact path and what I gather are the files it needs: White1_Side.jpg & White1_Side.xml. I've reinstalled BTB to no avail. Also deleted the registry settings to default the config, still no joy. Hash checked the 'Default.zip' that contains the files comparred to backups, looks good. Extracted the Default.zip to try to get BTB to see it that way, doesn't work. Tried hex editing the project Venue.bin to remove references to the tyre walls, still no luck. Checked BTB is reading the Default.zip during startup and track load, it is.

    Anyone any ideas?

    Edit: Just to add to above, I opened another project here where I used the same tyre wall and that opens fine...
  2. I suppose you know, but the XPack that matters is not \My Projects\Default\XPacks\Default.zip but \My Projects\project_name\XPacks\Default.zip

    Unless your project's name is "Default", of course.
  3. I think the only thing left is to replace venue.bin with an older version. Go to BobsTrackBuilder\Temporary Files, find the most recent file and rename it to venue.bin, then put it in your project folder.
  4. @zaxxon

    Yeah I was kinda aware of that with seeing that file duped into the project folders, though I used an application from Sysinternals called ProcMon to watch what BTB was accessing and could see it was reading that file at startup too so believed it should know where to find the files it was looking for. I also hash checked that default version with the one in the project folder (and some other project folders) and they were all the same.

    @R Soul

    Damn, I didn't know those were project files. Had a look and there's nothing there for me to recover it now as I've been working on other stuff, and I think I flushed that directory out at some point anyway to clean up. Live and learn I guess. :|

    On the plus side I opened some of those temp jsgfjkhgs.hhg type files in BTB and they're some totally random closed-circuit squiggles some of which look like could actually make for a really good track... :)


    I kinda guess BTB went screwy here and ate the project at this point, so I can say bye bye to that track now. Only learning anyway so no massive deal, couple of days work, though I'll be making more backups from now on.
  5. Nice, I'll check that out. I did actually have a RAR backup of the project, but guess who updated it during the same session as BTB's meltdown...
  6. So, what do you think - it's good to delete the temporary files sometimes (if all projects load with no problems) to make the btb make "newest" ones?
  7. BTB deletes them automatically after a couple of weeks, so they just kind of keep rolling over.