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Cant map handbrake????

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by dkellie, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I have a logitech cordless rumble pad and i assign the handbrake a button but when i race it doesnt work??? even if i assign it a button on the keyboard it doesnt work??? everything else works fine ???? how do i solve this ,
  2. The cars don't have handbrakes. It was removed in a patch a while ago. A quick fix for a cheat exploit apparently.
    I've made several posts complaining about it already, not many people seem to care though.
  3. Could be great to have handbrakes on the new hillclimb track:(
  4. Not just that - it really helps if you can use the handbrake to hold the car on a hill at the start. I usually sit in 1st on the clutch when the lights are on so the car rolls about a bit - if the grid is downhill there is very little i can do to stop it. If its uphill i can sometimes hold it on the clutch, but its a risky thing to do as if i get it wrong i will stall or jump the start.
  5. no handbrake??? [mod removed faul language, watch the languague bud] ive heard of i just bought the game and havent installed anyth patches on it ..... is there anyway to get it through a few lines of code????
  6. You probably could get around it, but i doubt you would be able to enter any online servers afterwards.
  7. That’s a good situation to use heel-and-toe… regarding the handbrake, I don’t miss it, but if this was RBurns rally, I sure would ;)
  8. got to admit i miss the handbrake on the hairpins on the hill climb track. a good lump of accelerator and clutch dump soon gets the caterhams rear end round though (mabe too far on occations aswell!!)