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Cant join to FSR server

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Antonio Kolarec, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Since yesterday 5pm, I cant join to server,but before I could normally play on it...
    I didnt do anything,just when I tried to join it kept saying: "Join timed out"
    I really never had this problem,dont know what to do...
    And yeah,I can join every other server,but it seems something is wrong with my connection to FSR server??
    Thanks in advance :) !
  2. Fixed it...
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  3. Tonyvg, did you change something ?
    I have the same problem.
  4. Have you tried restarting the router?
  5. Yes, but nothing happened..

    Now it's working, without touching any things...
    Sound Weird...
    Thanks for the support ! I hope sunday i won't have this problem lol
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  6. Sounds like me with Youtube on Firefox - works when it feels like it :p
  7. I thought I am the only one with that problem haha :D