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Can't join a hosted game

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Anthony Machenil, May 12, 2015.

  1. Hi, me and my friend really like to race against each other with some AI. But we can't join each others hosted game. I have found an older thread on this forum telling us to open certain ports. We did that, but it doesn't help, although now I can stay connected to the chat of the hosted game. I can still not join his game.

    Can anyone help us out?
    PS: older thread -> http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/how-to-host-a-game.45003/
    edit: added url of older thread.

  2. xnorb


    What exactly happens?

    And can you both join for example the RD public server?
  3. When he hosts a game I can see it in the servers list. But when I join, I get a message: Session timed out.
    I do have to mention that we both are playing in the same house. Maybe this is an issue?

    And yes we can join RD public servers.
  4. hey I have the same problem too
  5. xnorb


    Would be interesting to know if anybody else can join his server or if it's only that you can't join because of the LAN configuration.

    Usually it shouldn't be a big problem, but if the required ports aren't open / correctly forwarded to his PC you would expect such a behavior.

    If you could get somebody outside of your LAN to try to join, that would bring us a step closer to the solution :)
  6. Ok, Can I add you and try it sometime? I only have 1 friend who plays Stock car extreme :p.
  7. is this happening to you guys on steam or a stand alone copy? I'm trying to play with my son in the same room on two different PC with two copy of the game but the ping shows "0". I'm getting the exact time out error as well. I've opened the required UDP ports for steam
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  8. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    It's GSC ports you need not steam ports. There's 2 UDP and one TCP port for matchmaking.

    The problems above all sound like port forwarding ones. Of course in addition you need to be sure to allow the server app through the Windows firewall.

    from the GSC FAQ:
  9. I have done that but my friend still gets the timed out problerm
  10. Just want to say thanks, the GSC specific TCP, UDP ports fixed it. We can play together but will probably have to figure out a wired setup for both computers. Getting dropped or the placeholder car texture at times.
  11. how do you open the ports because I did the same thing but it dosnt work for me