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Can't get the throttle nailed for new season

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sora3, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a bit of newbie so bear with me here. ATM, I'm starting a new year staying with Virgin Racing. I was crowned WDC for the first season in newbie mode with TCS and ABS off. However, moving up to Intermediate was a bit of a shock. The problem is that I can't get the throttle to behave and give me the traction needed. It's either too little and I don't get enough speed to catch the AI racers or I do too much and I spin out. Even corners where I can take it slightly faster in newbie mode, I can't do now as any throttle during it (even slightly) = instant spin.

    ATM, I'm using the set up for TT and it's great if I can get the traction down! And I'm using the Logitech Driving EX Pro which is basically an Logitech F1 wheel for the PS2. Any hints or tips? :confused:
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Sounds to me that maybe you actually did have traction control on in Newbie mode and just hadnt realised. Cant think of anything else it could be other than the WDC going to your head :p
  3. A little confused but if your new to having no TCS and no ABS it will take time to build up speed, its not something that you will be instantly at ease with.

    My general rule is brake in a straight line... then turn in and on the middle to exit of the corner use half throttle untill your in a straight line and then floor it. Half throttle gives you plenty of punch but without the spinning. Sometimes short shifting can help too in certain corners to stop the rear wheels from spinning up.
  4. its sound very weird..
    you mentioned that your TCS was off on your First season..
    how sure are you of that?? did you check it every race?
  5. Im thinking these guys are right, I have been running tc on for a while, I switched to all assists off on legend ai and I could still out pole vettel, of course my control is still mediocre and i spin a lot, it sounds like you was on tc, maybe set to medium and not full?
  6. Maybe I am seeing things then. Anyway, any hints on getting the traction better apart from the set ups?
  7. Look for the signs your slipping and let go of the throttle and if it is happening very quickly again lose the throttle and dab not lock the breaks it should correct you or stop you spinning at least, you will lose a little time and maybe even a place or two but better than spinning off and loosing loads of positions, getting angry and restart race lol :D

    you will get to a stage you will forget you have the TC off I am like that now I rarely slip and when I do its down to a push or too much tyre ware or both, my times are much better for it most tracks I knocked 5 - 7 seconds off and Bahrain I knocked a whopping 10 seconds of my original PB.
  8. My main spin is the exit out of the first corner at bahrain if I use to much throttle entering turn 2 then my back end goes and its really hard to correct the rear before it goes on that corner, its so narrow and the ai doesnt help trying to barge past me either lol
  9. Wow David.. 10 sec... I reckon ur about to hit god like level.. And as for me, I'm becoming slower each day.. Maybe too much concentration on rfactor???
  10. I could get a lot faster if I could feather throttle better, if I try to push i have trouble controlling the rear, hopefully wheel and pedals will solve that....triggers are annoying I actually get a bit cautious adding too much power with them :(

    Which slows me down, just done a 2 01 with primes and 1 59 with options no assists, however thats with a lot less attack than I was with tc on, where as with tc on I was getting 1 58 attacking every corner.
  11. Jason try being in a higher gear than normal, say that corner is 3rd then go 4th the lower your gear the more you spin out I noticed and now shift up a gear for some corners, that helps me with slipping, I take all hairpins (except Monaco) in 2nd and dont bother with 1st unless I need to.
  12. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    I reckon what he needs most is one of my special no downforce setups, that way he will forget completely what grip was and therefore solve all his problems.
  13. lol he should ask Fahad for advice on that one, since he has wings and not in a Red Bull either lol You may have an Idea Andrew, I can see it now F1 On Ice by Disney lol
  14. lol my lotus is like a train on ice rails with no assists and ramons setup heh :(

    mechanical grip upgrade cant come soon enough to be honest :)

    Would it be worth my time editing force feedback and lowering my acc sensitivity? could that help reduce my spinnning or is it more lack of setup traction?
  15. F1 on Ice by Disney... now tats a must see...