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Can't get over how good this sim is.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by BloatedPossum, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. I discovered GSC a couple weeks ago and have fired up IRacing only to make a couple half hearted attempts at practice. I was a big fan of the Late Model but the NTM was too frustrating, although I do think it is headed in the right direction. Just tired of the cars being on the edge all the time and NO room for error.
    I had zero road race experience before GSC and find it to be a blast...still practicing and hope to join in a live event soon!
  2. Well I'm a long time lurker at RD and have been umming and ahhing about whether to try this out.

    I took the plunge and tried the 30 min trial. I was sold by the second lap in practice at Curitiba. I had another car up my arse for half a lap and watching the replay over the bumps down the main straight was incredible.

    This is just an immense experience that Reiza have brought us and if this is the calibre of their work then they have great things to come and even better, so do we!

    "Carlsberg don't do motorsport sims, but if they did.........."

    Thank you to everyone at Reiza, and the people in this post who bent my arm ;)
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  3. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    Love all the praise, but for the love of god, Carlsberg is pretty much one of the worst beers in the world! :D
  4. Yeah I'm not even sure it counts as a beer.... :rolleyes:
  5. Just played this over the weekend, its the closest to iracing anyone has got imho.
    Reiza have extracted every ounce of value from this engine, top class sim, loving the formula cars.
    Looking forward to future releases :)
  6. No doubt, a very goood simulation.

    We know there is still a lot of potential in isiMotor2, but Reiza has reached great heights with GSC.

    Inexpensive, and very, very good.
  7. I was going to buy the new Ferrari's and add to my FVA, but I decided to buy GSC instead, and I'm glad I did.
    Here's some of my thoughts so far........We can forget MP as it's dead, so let's focus on SP, admittedly I've only played for an hr or so.
    I have V1.70 with F3000/F1 classic and F1 modern+ the extra tracks.

    I experienced no problems with installing the game or any of the DLC on W7 64b.

    First want to address some of the silly comments about RACE07 etc.....RACE07/Evo/RACEON is without question one of the best sims ever made and unlike GSC, has a MP the equal of iracing and is still active, so if you like to MP, not much point buying GSC as the MP is dead....also, RACE07 still has some of the best physics, steering wheel precision and overall car behaviour of any racing game ever made, it has superb FFB which gets more detailed the faster you go{G27}, so please, don't make a fool of yourself by virtually lying about GSC's superiority over RACE07 etc.

    However, like many people, trying something new is always appealing and hence the point of buying GSC especially with 3 open wheelers and approx 16tracks.

    This is definitely a sim and a good one, physics are excellent, steering precision with G27 is about as good as it gets, and car behaviour pretty decent, but it does seem as though the cars lose some grip at higher speeds, but open wheelers should get stickier, that's the funny thing about RACE07 F3000, it's in some ways easier the faster you go.

    That said, I was using default set up, so maybe I can gain more high speed grip with some tuning.

    Cockpit GFX are quite good{1080p maxed on 6850} and car modeling in general is very good, ie, cars in front of you look the part.
    GFX overall are nothing special, but that's not such a big deal as the cars drive so well, sound good, and work beautifully with my wheel.
    It appears as though you can do a career mode with each of the DLC cars, and you can obviously create custom races against the AI and varying AI speed etc.
    FFB is very good, and Curitiba is the bumpiest track I've ever driven on, lol, the F1 classic feels crazed there, lol.

    I don't know how much time I'll put into this, but it's put F1 2011 on the back burner, and I'll be playing a few more hrs tomorrow.
    IMO, REIZA should have released this game with all the DLC, as the open wheelers are pretty epic, either way, this is an outstanding SP game and easily worth the money.

    I would happily pay for more 450-600hp tin tops, and IMO, that's a extremely good idea so as to balance the open wheelers.

    I don't use any driving aids, but the game has plenty, so anyone could drive it.

    If you like sims, the fun factor of this game is thru the roof.
  8. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Im doing a F3 offline championship and its F%$#in brilliant. Best AI in while.
    Great job and Im glad I got this SIm. I was on the fence about an rFactor mod game but wow, night and day between this and rFactor.
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  9. David, my best experiences with GSC are online. Choose your time better perhaps. Or find a league. 34 drivers in the Rd championship. 25 in mine.
    For me race07 is really far BEHIND GSC. Personal opinion.
  10. Anyone can express an opinion, but can u back it up with any objective detail/s?
    I don't think RACE07 is "really far behind" at all.......in fact, RACE07/evo/raceon is a better package overall than GSC, but I recommend anyone with a wheel buy GSC as it has excellent physics, FFB, wheel precision and plenty of PC options.

    GSC can join the ranks of Iracing/rfactor, Simbin, Netka and FVA as the great modern sims, but IMO, Simbin is the best "game" when u factor in cost, content, MP, FFB, wheel precision etc.

    To me, if the choice is RACE07/EVO/RACEON vs GSC, Simbin wins easily, however, anyone who likes sims should buy this game.
    If GSC had more tracks and cars, it would be the GOTY IMO.
  11. I know RaceO7 very well : more than 7000 laps on it. I actually run a championship on Race07 (lmp2 mod).
    So, it is the question of quantity and quality. Race07 has 250 tracks. 10 are very good but under the quality of GSC tracks.
    Race07 has 50 different mods. 7 or 8 are very good but under the quality of GSC cars.

    Everything is better is GSC for me, really better.
    I hope in few more tracks in the future et one new car for instance (as many players hope too) but not sure it will come.
    With 23 layouts, you have good stuff to have fun. For me GSc is the best sim ever in terms of driving and battling. Race07 is now really "flat" and uninteresting. Sorry to say this. My last race was yesterday and it was BORING : flat ffb, flat tracks, hugly textures and very average physics for the car...
  12. I don't know Race very well, but I try the last RaceRoom version, play with it during about 30 min and uninstall it. Totally rubbish in terms of driving for me.
  13. Raceroom is a free piece of Race07. ;)
  14. I'm a big fan of simbin games but I do feel that GSC edges it. Tracks are great, but both superb titles in their own right.
  15. Average physics.....I just don't buy it, in fact, Simbin is the sim that reminds me most of driving a real car.
    You're also up against scores of good cars and tracks+ an active MP that's as good as iracings.
    Not sure why you mention mods when there's so many good stock cars and tracks.


    C6R/BMW M3GTRX2/Mosler/F3000, BMW WTCC, VOLVO 850, Matech, Us muscle cars, and there's the GT Legends mod, the GTR2 mod, the F1 2007 mod.


    Nurburgring 20/24km
    Nurburg GP

    Not sure if you have a G27, but Simbin has some of the best FFB of any game, the F1 2007 mod feels like a truck there's so much weight in the wheel.

    Also, Simbins replay system is one of the best we've ever seen in any racing game.

    Don't get me wrong, GSC has superb physics and FFB, and cockpit GFX are a step up over simbin, but Simbin has so much going for it for most people, but GSC really needs more cars IMO.
    For me, I'll be spending most of my time with the Formula Classic, but it'd be nice to have a few more powerful tin tops, happy to pay for them as well.
  16. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    I think they both have there Up and Down sides. And both are well worth the investment in money and time. With GCS being the new kid on the block we can only hope it gets bigger and bigger with time and doesnt start to gather dust. Sims tend to be as good as the community that supports them, and i hope the developers keep on supporting GSC with new content (Free or Not) to encourage more to join in.
  17. Guys just dont try to convince eachother if a game (in this case Race 07) is good or bad.
    You never gonna convince the other guy. :)
    Lets focus on GSC please. :)
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  18. Amen!
  19. ..Back to the GSC compliments. This is without doubt a fantastic piece of software. I am itotally in love with it. I raced in a national saloon car championship in the UK this year and this is the first game (I can't call it that) that gives me..

    1. The convincing feeling of being in a race car
    2. The correct feedback I need to drive on the limit, every lap.
    3. A massive smile on my face everytime I set a fast laptime !

    The control and feel I have for the traction from the game is amazing.
    I've not played any of the other dozen race sims I've got since getting this!
    I've installed the Motec / Data Logging too and I'm truly amazed at the traces that are coming back, very, very close to the real thing on mine !

    Thanks Reiza. Truly incredible effort.
  20. lol dude you are doing exactly what you are criticizing... can you see the irony here? saying how superior X game is at the expense of iRacing?

    i insist, not ALL iracers have an "urge to attack/mock" blabla... I am a living proof that i can enjoy one as much as the other, get over it, relax and enjoy your favorite game ;)

    anyway, i just watched the practice sessions of F1 for this weekend and the track looks exactly like on GSC (except for advertisements obviously... )

    what setting are you guys using for "head movement" ? i had it at zero and now turned it back up to 50% and it brings much more life to the cars....